Holiday Music Motel Brings “Dark Songs” to Sturgeon Bay

Like the immortal Johnny Cash, Edgar Allan Poe was known to dress in black and like many of history’s mad geniuses, Poe died penniless. Befitting the great mystery writer, Poe’s death arose from mysterious causes under even more mysterious circumstances.

Poe barely made it through his 40th birthday, so one might imagine he liked to party; at the very least, he loved to entertain. To this day, masterpieces like “The Raven” and “The Tell-Tale Heart” still provide gloomy reverie for some, and gleeful revelry for those who enjoy a good dance on the dark side.

This inspiration led to the birth of “Dark Songs / The Edgar Allan Polka,” a songwriting/recording/live-performance event held at The Holiday Music Motel during the last week of October. Much like Steel Bridge Songfest, Dark Songs attracts artists from around the globe to collaboratively write and record original songs inspired by the Halloween season. Those songs, along with songs from past years, are showcased during two special weekend performances.

This year’s performers include Kim Manning, Kory Murphy, Jeanne Kuhns, Vincent Gates, Ruby James, melaniejane, Chris Aaron, and Savage-a-GoGo.

Darks Songs performances take place on Oct. 26, 9 pm, at Cherry Lanes and Oct. 27, 7 pm, at Third Avenue Playhouse (with an after party at Cherry Lanes).

Artists arrive on Oct. 21, so keep eyes and ears peeled for spontaneous performances around Sturgeon Bay.

For more information call 920.743.5571 or visit