Homeowners Get Creative Building Mailbox Shields

When it comes to protecting mailboxes from the snowplow, Door County residents show their inventive side.

Along state Highway 57 in the Town of Sevastopol, and Bayshore Drive near Egg Harbor, for example, a few creative displays include pounding two metal posts into the ground and screwing a board to that in order to block the snow assault.

Another Popular Mechanics-worthy designer pounded rebar into the ground, drilled holes at the end of 4-by-4s, placed the posts over the rods to stand them up and mounted several boards to upright posts.

An inventive soul near the Sevastopol school crafted a triangle from boards and mounted a board on a homemade bracket.

Finally, several Door County residents found various ways to use recycled pallets as shields – ranging from simply standing them up over posts portside of the mailbox to stacking them up and mounting boxes to the top of the pile.