Hot Games & Puzzles Introduces Super Cube

Alex Krause holds the record for Super Cube bounces.

Hot Games & Puzzles introduces the Super Cube. Super Cubes are made of the bounciest substance on Earth, and is guaranteed to bounce different every time. Test your reflexes, how many times in a row can you catch your Super Cube after the first bounce? The record was 9, now it’s 15. Alex Krause, an eighth grader from Sturgeon Bay, broke the world record on Oct. 6 at the Sturgeon Bay Skate Park.

The Super Cube is available now at: Dancing Bear, Child’s Play, Elliott’s on Jefferson, Grandma Tommy’s, Harbour Village, Egg Harbor Fun Park, Liberty Square, Cinnamon Windmill, Fun Stuff, Spielman’s Kidworks and Take a Peek. For more information visit