How Can We Talk About Climate Change?

The Climate Change Coalition will meet on June 5, at 5:30 pm for a potluck meal of finger foods, followed by a special training session led by Gwynne Schultz. Work groups will present reports on raising awareness, involving the arts, linking with other organizations, applying political pressure and divesting. At 7 pm, Gwynne’s workshop begins.

When asked to describe her workshop, Schultz explains, “We have made a commitment to raise awareness toward climate change and we recognize that this is going to involve conversation, but how do we do that? Facts no longer seem to carry much weight. Civility is perceived as weakness. No one really wants to talk to us about it. How can we break through this apparent wall of indifference and come to a place where meaningful conversation can happen?

In this mini-workshop we will examine some of the things that have changed and that make constructive conversation so much more difficult. We will then try to develop strategies that allow us to frame the conversation in ways that are non-confrontational, informative and life-altering. Come and learn how to talk!”

The Climate Change Coalition is a group of concerned citizens working to raise awareness about climate change. The organization meets on the first Wednesday of the month with activities and programs designed to educate, inspire and motivate people to act on behalf of our planet. To become involved, email contact information to [email protected]. The UU Fellowship is located at 10341 Highway 42 in north Ephraim.