We invite you, our entrusted Door County reader, to peer inside these pages. This rag covers the arts and entertainment scene in Door County. This is the first issue, and it presents a new venue for the arts of Door County. The Peninsula Pulse promises a comprehensive entertainment section, along with features, opinions, sports and a forum for a wide variety of artists. Yeah we are starting small, but as some of you out there can attest, it aint the size of the pulse that matters just the beat. Enjoy the stories, pictures and poems, and pick up on the rhythm.

The Peninsula Pulse is a seasonal publication, printed twice a month from May thru October. Feel free to write to us if you have anything interesting to say, otherwise leave the commentary to us. The Peninsula Pulse can be reached via telephone – 414.854.4919, e-mail – [email protected] or thru the old reliable post office at:

Peninsula Pulse
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Write to us and we’ll probably print your letter otherwise sit back and enjoy the P-Pulse. It is here, free of charge, for your enjoyment. Letters should be sent to the Peninsula Pulse and must be 250 words or less and we do reserve the right to edit for form and content. Your views are important; we would appreciate hearing from you.