Humane Society is Safe Haven for Ringworm-Positive Felines

The Wisconsin Humane Society (WHS) Door County Campus is still buzzing with activity behind the scenes, despite having temporarily paused adoption services because of COVID-19-related impacts on staffing. Shelter staff members have been caring for many cats and kittens with ringworm, a fungal infection that takes weeks, if not months, to be cured.

The WHS Door County Campus annually serves the most ringworm-positive animals of any other WHS campus. The experienced staff, shelter configuration and quiet environment make it a supportive respite for animals requiring ringworm treatment, which involves many sulfur baths over several weeks.

Thanks to these efforts, the number of cats and kittens with ringworm went from 20 to just six in a matter of weeks. The 14 felines that are now ringworm-free will be transferred to the WHS Green Bay and Milwaukee campuses for adoption, and staff at the Door County Campus hope to resume adoption services in early February.

The WHS Door County Campus is still open for stray and surrender intake. If you lost your pet, found a stray or need to surrender your pet, call 920.746.1111. Updates regarding adoption services are available at

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