I Know I’m My Mother’s Daughter/Son When…

I know I’m my mother’s daughter/son when…

“I can’t find my coffee cup.” ~ Diane McNeil

“I snort when I laugh.” ~ Joel Melton

“I Smile.” ~ Anita Karwowski

“I starting cleaning the kitchen and end up on my hands and knees three hours later cleaning the grout, still in the kitchen!” ~ Jake Danen

“I give a little back rub when I hug the people I love.” ~ Kari Witthuhn-Henning

“I find a way to be happy about everything life throws my way.” ~ Bridget Browning

“I use my bare hands to pull out slimy, gross objects clogging the drain.” ~ Sally Slattery

“I made my kids quesadillas for every meal because it was the only thing I knew how to cook.” ~ Susie Arterberry

“My husband says ‘You’re acting just like your mom.’” ~ Courtney Holdmann Skare

“I comb my snow white hair.” ~ Ann Harsh

“I leave long, unedited voicemail messages for my loved ones.” ~ Katie Lott Schnorr

“I ask ‘you know?’ in reference to things that nobody doesn’t know.” ~ Carol Thompson

“I call my own kids ‘you cotton-pickin’ kids.’” ~ Kathy Kohn

“I trip over nothing, walk into a room and forget why I came in, and call my dog with my son’s name.” ~ Lauren Bremer