Idea Gallery Features Work of Deetz and Lee

The contemporary-art Idea Gallery is showcasing the work of two internationally renowned artists in Exhibit 2, which opened July 6. Painter Kristy Deetz and Minkyu Lee, who works in ceramics and wood sculpture, are both UW-Green Bay professors and new to Idea Gallery. 

Deetz’s works are carved, burned and painted on wooden surfaces, creating an interconnected pattern echoing nature, culture and our spiritual, emotional and intellectual lives. The realistically painted elements serve as touchstones to multiple levels of meaning.  

Lee’s art reflects the repetition that is an integral part of daily life. 

“Recurrence, routine, cycles and rituals are universal principles that structure nature and human existence,” Lee said. “For me, geometric structures underlie our world; these include all organic and inorganic matter. My artworks are attempts to visualize this invisible concept by using repetitive geometric forms.”

Idea Gallery, 6551 County Road T in West Jacksonport, is open daily, 11 am – 5 pm. Call 920.655.1340 to learn more.

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