Idea Gallery Highlights Sculptural Dolls

Idea Gallery is showcasing a new series of sculptural doll works by visionary artist Mary Penét of Escanaba, Michigan.

“I am a storyteller with a very visual mind who lives in the world of stories, metaphor and symbolism,” Penét said. “The theme of most of my work reflects my desire to explore the mysteries of the unknown. I translate the images that arrive in my dreams or manifest through flashes of insight or intuition from my subconscious, and I allow my thoughts and emotions to flow and develop as I work. My dreams and intuition inspire my way of working – a pondering, a questioning of how to translate what I’ve been shown to manifest the hidden story. My intention is to create artwork that evokes this sense of transcendent mystery and purpose.”

Idea Gallery, 6551 Cty T in West Jacksonport, is open daily, 11 am – 5 pm. Call 920.655.1340 to learn more.

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