Idea Gallery Showcases Master Glassblower

Idea Gallery will be displaying 15 new works by master glassblower Robinson Scott of Anoka, Minnesota, who has produced blown-glass works over 40 years. 

Scott’s father introduced him to glass; Scott then received formal training at the University of Minnesota; he experienced an enriching, one-year apprenticeship in Sweden with master glassblowers Jan-Erik Ritzman and Svenne Carlsson; and his studies continued at the Pilchuck School of Glass in Seattle.

“I am always influenced by the importance of simplistic designs that enhance and accentuate the depth, reflectivity and translucency that naturally occur in glass,” Scott said of his work. “The predictability and unpredictability of glass creates an atmosphere of discovery, learning and continual growth. This is what motivates me to further test, expand and explore my abilities.”

Idea Gallery, 6551 Cty T in West Jacksonport, is open daily, 11 am – 5 pm. Find out more by calling 920.655.1340 or finding the gallery on Instagram and Facebook.