Improv Workshop at Lost Moth Gallery

Sue Demel from Sons of the Never Wrong presents “Vocal Improvisation for Singer-Songwriters,” an improvisation workshop designed specifically for singer-songwriters. Demel loves to teach singers to revel in the possibilities of their voices, and she has the vocal abilities to practice what she teaches.

Demel will share improv tips and tricks for live performances as well as ways to employ improv tools to expand written melodies. Students are invited to bring their own songs in for in-class example. Demel has devised an 11-point improvisation checklist to take the fear out of leaving the melody and finding new inspiration. Some principles discussed in class include warm-ups, dynamics, scat, call & response and tempo.

This is an interactive class that invites the students to challenge themselves and their music. A show & tell will follow the workshop. To learn more about Demel visit

“Vocal Improvisation” is set for July 21, 1-3 pm at Lost Moth Gallery. The suggested donation is $25. Lost Moth Gallery is located at 7975 Hwy 42 in Egg Harbor. Contact Jeanne Kuhns at 920.495.2928 or je[email protected] for more information or to reserve a spot.

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