In the Construction Zone

The week leading up to the annual Steel Bridge Song Fest (which took place June 12 – 15) in Sturgeon Bay is a busy one for The Holiday Music Motel. The 18 retro rooms and four recording studios fill with songwriters from across the county who come together for one purpose – to make music.

Called “The Construction Zone,” this collaborate songwriting intensive includes professional as well as aspiring songwriters who take up pen, paper, and instruments and create music throughout Sturgeon Bay – in motel rooms, in the parking lot, by the waterside – at all hours of the day.

The weeklong intensive culminates during Steel Bridge Song Fest with a public performance of the new songs, which are also recorded and featured on a compilation CD.

Photographer Ty Helbach peeks in on the process throughout the week, capturing the songwriters, sound engineers, and festival organizers at work. Here are just a few of the photos he snapped during this year and last year’s Construction Zones.

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