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  • A Cherry Wine Fairy Tale: Schmiling Family Shepherds State’s First Winery into 21st Century

    “Once upon a time there was a doctor named Charles Stiehl.” Those are the opening words Brad Schmiling chose when asked to relate the 50-year history of von Stiehl Winery. And that is fitting because, at least from the outside, this does seem to be a fairy tale. The good Dr. Stiehl helped to draft […]

  • Door County Brewing Opens Doors to New Taproom

    The excitement in beautiful downtown Baileys Harbor was palpable Saturday morning, July 1, as a crowd gathered for the opening of the new Door County Brewing Co. – just three years after the brewery opened its first taproom just a few blocks away. VIDEO:  Take a tour inside the new taproom>> But it might as well […]

  • In Your Glass: Cherry, Cherry Sangria!

    My goal was to create a Sangria with as many local products as possible, a Door County Sangria, if you will. How about cherry Sangria? Never heard of it, but why not? The idea came to me after I had already come up with several other more traditional Sangria recipes. I was in Main Street […]

  • Mother-Daughter Duo Introduce Bellasia Tea and Book

    Bellasia Tea, a new business inspired by a mother and daughter’s love of fairy tales, is transporting tea drinkers to a fairytale realm, where wizards, fairies and dragons roam, with just a sip of a magical brew. Bellasia Tea medleys are inspired by the teas in a storybook created by Mercedes Wadkins and Sara Coat, […]

  • Bill Introduced that Would Allow Wineries to Serve Until Midnight

    Owners of Wisconsin’s wineries are hoping this time is the charm for a bill introduced again this session that would allow wineries to serve wine until midnight, rather than having to stop serving at 9 pm. As the law stands now, wineries must stop serving at 9 pm, but many would like to be able […]

  • Lautenbach’s Orchard Country Releases 9th Door County Lighthouse Wine

    Lautenbach’s Orchard Country will release the ninth edition of its highly anticipated Door County Lighthouse wine series on June 10. The new release features the Baileys Harbor Range Lights and local artist Stacey Small Rupp’s rendition on the wine label. Housed in a blue lighthouse-shaped bottle, the limited edition wine is a semi-dry cherry Riesling […]

  • Bring On the Bubbles: Champagne Drinks

    Ah, May. Just the word suggests sweet breezes, peonies in the garden and bare feet. Birds proliferate. Boats hit the waters. Kids spring from schoolhouse doors, liberated at last. What better way to celebrate spring than toasting it with a glass of something bubbly? Beer is good, but champagne is better. If nothing else, drink […]

  • Cheers!: Pairing Leatherhead Beers with Sonny’s Pizza

      Pizza and beer go together like peanut butter and jelly, but, after many years of attending beer tastings, I was invited to my first beer and pizza pairing last week at Sonny’s Italian Kitchen & Pizzeria in Sturgeon Bay. Jacob Sutrick, brewmaster at Green Bay’s newest craft brewery, Leatherhead Brewing Co., featured three of […]

  • Door County Beer Festival Tickets on Sale Feb. 1

    Tickets for Door County’s largest craft beer event of the year go on sale Feb. 1! The Door County Beer Festival returns to Baileys Harbor Saturday, June 17 with more than 150 craft beers, live music, and local chefs. Tickets sales are limited to 1,200 people. This year’s event will feature carefully curated craft beers […]

  • Cheers!: Speedway Stout, Black Gold from AleSmith Brewing

    Checkered flags on a bomber bottle? It must be Speedway Stout from AleSmith Brewing of San Diego. AleSmith is another brewery run by a homebrewer – Peter Zien – who wanted to take his award-winning beers to the public. It’s a success story I never tire of hearing. Speedway is an imperial stout brewed with […]

  • Cheers!: Leinie’s Memories of the 1980s

    Before the craft beer evolution/revolution had really taken hold, I was a big fan of Leinenkugel’s beer. Back in the time I speak of – the early 1980s – there was no Leinie’s Summer Shandy or IPL. Not counting Leinie’s Light (which, of course does not count as beer), there were, as far as my […]

  • Cheers!: Liquid Fudge and Coconut

    Inexplicably, while walking in gale force winds and extremity-freezing cold to buy groceries, I had a nice, soft beer on my mind. I was actually thinking of the Belgian ale Duvel. After a long day at work and then walking in these extreme conditions, I had developed a major thirst, and I know Duvel can […]

  • Door County Brewing Co. Introduces an American IPA, Pallet Jack Cruiser

    Door County Brewing Company expands distribution to Indiana on Jan. 1, after signing distribution agreements with Craftroads Beverage. Door County Brewing Co. began its distribution in Wisconsin in 2013, expanding to Minnesota in 2015, Illinois in 2016 and now Indiana. “We are excited to partner with a distributor whose only focus is on craft beer,” […]

  • Cheers!: It’s Your Turn to Milk the Dragon

    On a recent snowy day, after kneading a loaf of honey wheat bread until my arms felt like rubber bands and setting it aside to rise, I reached into the magic fridge and, thankfully, pulled out a bottle of Bourbon Barrel-aged Dragon’s Milk Stout from the New Holland Brewing Co. Oh, you lucky breadmaker! I […]

  • Cheers!: A Funky Pairing Made in Heaven

    All day long I had Fred Wesley and his trombone looking at me. I thought it would be a good thing, but it turned out to be a bad thing because the minutes ticked like hours, and the hours ticked like weeks. It started it out when on my way to work I stopped at […]

  • Cheers!: Preview of Bier Zot’s Holly King Fest

    I was really looking forward to taking a Trip in the Woods, which is the venerable Sierra Nevada’s Narwhal Imperial Stout aged in bourbon barrels with red and black currants. Currants? Sure. Why not? Malty Narwhal is always a winter treat, but this promised so much more – whatever nuances the bourbon barrel and the […]

  • Cheers!: Rejuvenated by Apples

      After a recent long, boring freeway drive, I stopped at Econofoods in Sturgeon Bay for a few supplies. They always have some great beverage specials – sometimes on display as soon as you walk into the store. That was the case on this day, which happened to be the weekend before Thanksgiving. Many malty […]

  • Cheers!: All Hail Lupulin Maximus!

    It’s the fourth night in a row of a full day of work followed by a full night of work. One of those nights included election night. I am really, really thirsty for something good. I stick my hand into the magic fridge and pull out an amber. Sorry, amber doesn’t have the right stuff […]

  • Cheers! Hinterland Comes of Age

    Talk about a beautiful coming of age story! Hinterland Brewery of Green Bay celebrates its 21st birthday with 21 Anniversary Ale, a delicious “brewer’s blend of bourbon barrel-aged beers.” This is one of the brewery’s Out of the Woods Series presented in pint bottles. The brewery website reveals this as two bourbon barrel-aged beers blended […]

  • Brandy: Badger State in a Bottle

    You’d be hard-pressed to find a Door County liquor cabinet or hunting cabin that doesn’t contain a bottle of brandy. As the primary ingredient in our unofficial state cocktail, the old-fashioned, brandy is everywhere. In fact, one third of Korbel brandy, produced in California, is exported to Wisconsin. In the liquor business, Wisconsin, Minnesota and […]