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  • Cold Press Black Bent Paddle

    Cheers!: Happy With a Bent Paddle

      Things got a bit hectic when I paid a recent visit to Duluth. My plans were to hit all the craft breweries in the Twin Ports and try as many beers as I could manage at each. However, you know what they say about making plans… I did bring some local beers home with […]

  • Wherefore Kombucha?

    Everything old is new again. It’s certainly the case with fermentation, the ancient method that preserves and enhances foods from kimchi to sauerkraut, and creates some delightful byproducts as well (i.e. alcohol). Lately, the local foods movement has made fermentation a battle cry, and “fermentation fests” are popping up from coast to coast. Kombucha, a fermented […]

  • Toddy Time

    Her name was Thalia and she tended bar at a local dive in Chicago’s Logan Square. She was a Canadian girl with long black hair, bewitching eyes, and no green card. My husband was a bit besotted with her and honestly, after she made me my first hot toddy, I was too. It was a […]

  • Len Villano

    Falling for Fall Seasonals

    Beer was adventurous in early America. As the above ditty from New England circa the 1630s shows, just about anything was fair game for brewing. After many centuries, beer is once again an adventure. I haven’t seen a parsnip beer, but I have had black walnut beer, thistle beer, maple sap beer, and we can […]

  • Len Villano

    Pleasing Palate Pairings

    Mae West said, “Between two evils, I always pick the one I haven’t tried before.” I like to take her advice when it comes to cocktails. Pair them with seasonal hors d’oeuvres, invite over a few friends, and put on some tunes. Here’s to summer in Door County! Beetini My grandfather’s advice:  “Don’t drink martinis […]

  • Ryan Sherman

    Hidden Vegetables

    Almost everyone enjoys a good fruit smoothie but did you know that you could further fill your belly with the power of vegetables while sipping that sweetness? There are few rules when creating smoothies, but here are a some tips and tricks to help make delicious smoothies the whole family will love. • Use fresh, […]

  • Glögg: Warm and Wonderful

    Growing up, Pat Palmer of Baileys Harbor watched his father make and bottle glögg and give it to his friends at Christmas. “I just picked up on it,” says Palmer, who has been making his own glögg for more than 30 years. The traditional Scandinavian mulled wine is a perfect warmer-upper, and Palmer claims it […]

  • Len Villano

    Coming to Terms with Tea

    Ever since the revolutionaries tossed boxes of the king’s tea into the Boston Harbor, coffee has been the traditional morning beverage in American mugs. But it’s been more than 200 years, and about time we make amends with tea. Tea can take many forms, and is perfect for almost every season, occasion and time. There’s […]

  • Ephraim: Last Dry Town Standing

    In recent years, visitors to the small town of Ephraim, population 288, have noticed that shrinking water levels have left parts of the town’s waterfront high and dry. When it comes to alcohol sales, Ephraim has always been a dry town. In fact, it’s the last remaining dry town in the state of Wisconsin. Ephraim’s […]

  • Len Villano

    Fearless Homebrewing

    Have you tried this oak-casked triple black IPA brewed with monkey-picked coffee beans by three blind monks living in the basement of the Rock Island Lighthouse?” This may not be barstool conversation at the local tavern (yet), but it’s hard not to notice the increasing array of craft beer and spirits behind the bar. There […]

  • Katie Sikora

    To Everything There Is a Season: Island Orchard Cider

    “It all began with a photograph I took of a glass of cider at a castle in Brittany,” Robert Purman said, when 15 years ago he and his wife Yannique were visiting her French father on a bicycle trip. Hard cider is a traditional drink in Brittany and Normandy, Yannique Purman explained, often “served with […]

  • Death’s Door Distillery’s Sustainable Focus

    When Brian Ellison cut the ribbon on Death’s Door Distillery’s new Middleton, Wis. facility June 4, he stepped the craft distillery deeper into the sustainable ethic at the heart of the company.