Increased Traffic at Ellison Bay Marina

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• The launch ramp at the Ellison Bay Marina has seen increased traffic due to the closing of the Weborg ramp in Gills Rock. The Gills Rock ramp is privately owned and was closed this spring due to low water and safety concerns in addition to some needed repairs. Administrator Kalms, chairman Lowry and Jeff Weborg discussed the situation and possible remedies to take the increased pressure away from the Ellison Bay ramp. After considering several options it was decided the town would not become involved. Weborg indicated he might undertake the necessary repairs and reopen the ramp this summer if it was financially feasible.

• The board has decided that seeking to withdraw from county zoning would not be feasible at this time.

• Long-term boat trailer parking has been established at the North Fire Station. Short-term parking is provided next to the Wickman House, courtesy of a neighbor. In the past some trailers have remained there for the season, which is not the purpose of that lot. The board adopted Ordinance 5913 that addresses the parking of vehicles and other equipment on town property.

• Baudhuin Incorporated was hired to do an engineering and traffic speed study on Garrett Bay Road. The purpose of the study is to gather data to present to the state to reduce the speed limit in areas of the road to 35 mph.

• The board approved the Sewer Rate Study done by the Village of Sister Bay Utilities. Additional information is available at the town office.

• Garrett Bay Road will be resurfaced at 20 feet, with a clear zone of six feet. Within the six feet will be a two-foot graveled shoulder. WPS has indicated it will consider moving some of the power poles that are nearest the road.

• The United States Postal Service has informed the town they will hold an informational meeting on Aug. 27 at 5:30 pm at the town hall.

• The Board of Review is scheduled for Aug. 21 beginning at 1 pm in the town hall.