Indie Bookstore Tour: Supporting Literacy at the Book Corner

Grace Johnson is visiting local booksellers, chronicling her experiences and sharing the inspiration behind the sellers. 

Year Opened: 2017
Location: 401 3rd St., Algoma
Owner: Algoma Public Library

There must be something about the color yellow in Algoma. Like its friends around the corner, the Book Corner has an inviting yellow door and accents that make for a cheery storefront.

Taking a step inside, I can’t help but take a deep breath to get a whiff of that used book smell. For being a small space, the store manages to use the space well and has a ton of offerings. When you walk in, there is a banner on the wall that directs you to the children and teen literature, while various wall posters and alphabet block letters label what each shelf holds. Walk  to the back to find a decent selection of DVDs.

One of my favorite features was a small sign posted on the wall encouraging patrons to check out other local sellers. There is nothing that warms my heart more than local booksellers supporting each other.

The Beginning

One thing that sets the Book Corner apart from the rest is that it is under the guidance of the Algoma Library Friends. This means all of the work is volunteer-based. From shelving to pricing to running the register, all the work that goes into maintaining the space is done by people with a passion for books.

In previous years, the Algoma Public Library would hold a book sale on its lawn. The one-day event was weather dependent and a lot of work. So instead of hosting one event a year, the Algoma Library Friends found a different solution. Now we have the Book Corner where books can be stored year-round and easily shoppable for patrons.

Store Specialities

Unlike most bookstores that buy their inventory, the selection you find at the Book Corner is made up of books donated by the public. Take that into consideration and the breadth of selection is pretty impressive! While they don’t have any specialties, there are lots of options for all reading interests.

Bookstores and the Community

“Bookstores are unique shops that support the local community, offering a diverse selection of products,” noted Sue Hass, manager of the Book Corner. “The Book Corner and all used bookstores sell books at a fraction of the cost of new books. In addition, the Book Corner provides books at no cost to local service groups.”

Show Some Love

The Book Corner can be supported through direct purchases, book donations and monetary donations. Remember, by supporting the Book Corner you are supporting the library. All profits go to the Algoma Public Library.

What I Bought

Things in Jars by Jess Kidd and The Mime Order by Samantha Shannon

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