Informational Meeting About Gibraltar’s $3.5 Million Bid to Expand Town Dock Oct. 19

The Town of Gibraltar will host the first of two informational meetings about the proposed $3.5 million property purchase to expand the town dock, Tuesday, Oct. 19. The meeting will be at 5 pm at the town center, 4097 Main St, Fish Creek.

Town Administrator Travis Thyssen said the informational meetings will be open sessions without the board present for residents to learn more about the property, ask questions, and offer input. The property, which includes Holiday Harbor Waterfront Cottages and its docks, 4148 Main Street, Fish Creek, will benefit municipal dock operations and adjoins space purchased from the Catholic Diocese in 2015. Thyssen will be available to answer questions at the meeting.

The second informational meeting will be held Nov. 6th, 10 a.m. at the town center. The Gibraltar Town Board will ask voters to approve a $3.5 million land purchase at a special election Nov. 15.