Inkle Loom Program

The Door County Weavers’ next meeting on Oct. 27 at 10 am features a program about “Inkle Loom Weaving.” The Inkle loom is a warp-based loom used to make straps for guitars or ukuleles, or for making belts and bands.

Group members will teach participants how to make the heddles, how to warp the loom and weave a colorful woven strap. If time allows, the Norwegian pick-up style weaving for creating band-weavings (known as swaddling bands) will be shown. Higher-level Inkle weavers can replicate traditional designs. The Norwegian pick-up weaving does not use a loom — just a heddle board and a tension device on your belt with the warp strung across the room.

The Arachne Spinners Guild will meet Nov. 3 at 9:30 am. The meeting features a presentation on the “UWGB Flax Project,” a student-faculty initiative created to study the multiple uses of flax and its processing in the ancient and medieval world.

Both the Door County Weavers and Arachne Spinners Guild meet at the Sturgeon Bay Library, 107 S. 4th Ave.

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