Inside/Outside Sale to Benefit Firefighter Jason Pansier

Jason “Jake” Pansier, 37, is a farmer and a captain of the Ledgeview Fire Department. On July 8, 2015, Pansier was pinned under a 40,000-pound tractor. Due to extensive internal damage and damage to his legs and hip, he was not expected to live. After two hours, when Jake was freed, he was hospitalized for eight weeks. Because the amputation of his left leg was very high, he needs specialists from out of state for prosthetic options. Jake plans to return to things he has always loved to do: family, farm and fight fires. He has a long road ahead of him and needs assistance with medical expenses.

Peninsula Park-View Resort, between Fish Creek and Ephraim, will sponsor a yard sale during the Inside/Outside Sale in Fish Creek on Oct. 3. All proceeds will go to help Pansier. They will also have a raffle for a new picnic basket and an underwater camera from A Door County Picnic. To help or to donate items, call Carole Vande Walle at 920.854.2633. Donate money directly here.


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