Institute Saloon Hosts Polka Fest

It’s springtime, which means it’s time for the annual May Polka Fest to be held at the Institute Saloon Dance hall, located on Highway 57, three miles north of Sturgeon Bay. The bands will be playing from 1 – 4:30 pm on Sunday, May 16. The public is invited to come listen and dance.

Featuring the sounds of the button box accordion and concertinas playing the old time favorites of polkas, waltzes, the foxtrot and schottische, along with backup musicians for the full band sound. This is finger tapping, foot stomping, happy time music that has a local history going back to the 1800s here in Door County and statewide. The polka is Wisconsin’s state dance and the polka sound has provided its people with a longtime tradition of listening music.

The organizers of this spring and fall event hope to sustain public interest in polka and waltz music with special emphasis on button accordions and concertinas. These were very common musical instruments played in many households and music halls over the last century. However, fewer young people are learning how to play these instruments. As the number of players slowly decline, the beautiful sounds of this music will become less available to hear in live performances.

This show will be an opportunity for all the public to come listen and/or dance to the wonderful sounds of the button accordion and concertina.

Ample parking, with food and refreshments available. For more info, call Button Box Dale at 920.839.2725.