Interactive Hike at Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal Nature Preserve

Interested in learning how to help the Pitcher’s thistle? Discover how this federally threatened species is vulnerable to habitat degradation and invasive plants. Join DNR intern Zach Meunier and Door County Land Trust stewardship director Jodi Milske for an interactive hike at Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal Nature Preserve on Aug. 19 at 11 am.

Researchers from the Chicago Botanic Gardens, Lawrence University, WDNR and East Carolina University are working together to protect the thistle and understand the threats it faces. Meunier, a biology and environmental studies major from Lawrence University, is spending the summer studying the thistle’s unique ecology. His collaborative research includes observing pollinators, mapping sites, studying life cycles, monitoring populations, and discerning the interactions between the thistle and other organisms.

Meet at the parking lot at the east end of Lake Lane, Sturgeon Bay. Parking is very limited, so car-pooling is encouraged. For directions contact Milske at 920.746.1359.

Door County Land Trust nature preserves are open to the public at no charge for hiking, cross-country skiing, wildlife observation, some forms of hunting and other low-impact, non-motorized recreational activities. For more information visit