Interfibers Artist Explores New Styles for 2021 Season

The pandemic-driven isolation provided Wendy Carpenter of Interfibers Studio Gallery with the chance to scale down and explore new art directions. For the gallery’s 40th season, her focus will be on shadow-box paper collage, tapestry work and her contemporary, handwoven fiber wall art, which captures the emotion and power of nature by abstracting the natural world. Carpenter will be demonstrating on her loom this weekend. 

She is also “partially retiring” by ending her collaborative work in Guatemala with Mayan weavers. For the past 15 years, she has spent the winter in Guatemala, teaching indigenous women how to design and sew contemporary apparel with their traditional, handwoven fabric. Carpenter is now liquidating her line of handwoven jackets, vests, skirts and tote bags by marking it at clearance prices. She will also offer a slide show of her time working in Guatemala.

Interfibers Studio Gallery (, 920.868.3580) at 9204 Silk Road in Fish Creek is open Monday – Saturday, 11 am – 3 pm; on Sunday, May 30, for the holiday weekend; or by appointment.

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