Interfibers Design Gallery Presents “Cedars of Door County”

Artwork by Wendy Carpenter.

On Saturday, July 12, Interfibers Design Gallery is hosting a reception from 4 – 7 pm, featuring “Cedars of Door County,” art by Wendy Carpenter and Daryl Asbury.

Carpenter, a fiber artist, and Asbury, an oil painter, are creating a series of sculptures and paintings depicting the character and charm found in the majestic Door County cedar tree. The art exhibit is an attempt to bring forth awareness for the arts and the environment.

Interfibers is collaborating with Gibraltar’s theme for the sesquicentennial celebration, “Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow,” to promote environmental preservation and tree planting. Interfibers will be selling live cedar trees during the “Cedars of Door County” reception. The proceeds will be donated to Peninsula State and Fish Creek parks.

Artwork by Daryl Asbury.

For the “Cedars of Door County” art exhibit, Carpenter is designing a series of mix-media coiled tree sculptures for the wall. The sculptures depict the unusual cedar growth and movement found in the intertwining spiraling root system. Carpenter is also weaving a large cast paper inlay wall hanging, representing flora, water, earth, and fire.

Asbury is painting cedar tree compositions on hard board, utilizing his unique surface painting techniques that expose under lying layers, texture, and colors. Asbury paints from memory, imbued with emotion, often moody but consistently rich and deep.

Inferfibers Design Gallery is located two miles east of the intersection of County F and Highway 42. For more information call 920.868.3580, email [email protected], or visit