Interfibers Hosts Fair-Trade Clearance Sale

Wendy Carpenter of Interfibers Studio Gallery has long been working with indigenous Mayan weavers of Guatemala, teaching them how to design and sew contemporary apparel using their traditional, handwoven Jaspe fabric. Carpenter’s fair-trade/skill-building project, Creating Revenue through the Arts, has provided a specialized skill and a higher standard of living for the women, their families and their communities. 

After a 15-year journey of building this project, however, it has ended after the pandemic, so the remaining inventory – available in various sizes and colors – will be sold at 35% off the original price, and a complimentary silk scarf will accompany each jacket purchase.

All are welcome to purchase the pieces and join the discussion about developing mission work through the arts. A slideshow of Carpenter’s work in Guatemala will be streaming in the gallery.

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