Introducing New Artists

“Flow (Summer),” by Kay Brathol-Hostvet, pastel on archival paper.

Now open for their 45th season, Edgewood Orchard Galleries welcomes several new artists into their family of represented artists. In addition to looking around the country for artists this past winter, gallery owners Nell and J.R. Jarosh reviewed more than 150 artist submissions. They extended invitations to six new painters.

Greg Bracken, a self-taught oil painter from Appleton, is well known for capturing the likeness and spirit of animals. Through “doodles” Bracken expresses his humorous side with whimsical and charming representational paintings.

Pastel painter Kay Brathol-Hostvet’s creative focus is the Midwestern landscape. Her paintings are described as contemporary regionalism, celebrating the land and local countryside. Brathol-Hostvet works from her home studio in Madison, and teaches art workshops around the Midwest.

Oil painter Jess Bronk (her father is Richard Bronk, who has shown his wood furniture at Edgewood for 25 years) will show her paintings that use the twilight landscape to create an ephemeral, fluid environment.

“Braving the Surf,” by Jim Heiser, watercolor.

Watercolorist Jim Heiser focuses on portraying the people in his paintings as alive and emotionally expressive. Heiser is inspired by relationships and his work is meant to convey feeling and emotion.

Dale Olsen, primarily a landscape painter, uses his architectural background to bring scale, proportion and draftsmanship to his work. “I am intrigued by edges, where water meets land, where snow meets the treeline, where shadows meet sunlight,” he says.

Liz Phillips is intrigued by color and light and strives to capture a fleeting moment in nature. Working in oil, Phillips gradually adds detail until her work is complete and the richness of color she loves is achieved.

Edgewood Orchard, open 10 am to 5 pm daily, is located at 4140 Peninsula Players Road, midway between Egg Harbor and Fish Creek. For more information, call 920.868.3579 or visit