Introducing the Hot Car Campaign

(Left to right) Door County Humane Society Communications Coordinator April Delfosse, Sturgeon Bay Police Department Captain Dan Brinkman, Door County Sheriff’s Department Chief Deputy Patrick McCarty, Door County Humane Officer Bridget Isaksen, Door County Humane Officer Debra Johnson, and Door County Sheriff’s Department Sheriff Steven Delarwelle are urging pet owners to keep their pets cool this summer. Submitted photo.

The Door County Humane Society, Door County law enforcement and Door County’s humane officers are introducing the Hot Car Campaign for this summer. This campaign asks the simple question, “Is your pet cool?” They hope to increase awareness and establish an understanding about this issue in order to prevent unnecessary suffering and potential deaths.

The best way for animals to beat the summer heat is simply to stay home. Additional ways include taking walks early or late in the day, providing plenty of shade, avoiding over-exerting your pet during hot summer days, and to always have clean, fresh water available. Use fans, air-conditioning, cooling pads, cooling vests, or cooling collars.

The following is protocol to follow if you see an animal in a parked car: note the description and condition of the animal in the vehicle; look for signs of distress; assess the outside temperature and weather conditions; look to locate the owner, and, depending on location, ask nearby stores to make an announcement about the animal located in the vehicle. If no owner can be found, call Door County law enforcement at 920.746.2400.