Intuitive Reading Seminar at Peninsula Players Aug. 9

Peninsula Players, in conjunction with its production of Ghost The Musical, will host intuitive reader Penny Slusher for a free pre-show seminar Aug. 9, 6:30 pm.

Slusher, who is also a Peninsula Players actor, will share her experience as an intuitive reader: someone who tunes in to “blockages” that may prevent people from moving forward in their lives and helps them to see more clearly into their lives so that they can find new ways of moving forward. Intuitive readers use raw impressions to begin discussions of new possibilities and perspectives on important matters. Tickets to performances are available; admission to the pre-show seminar is free.

Oda Mae Brown is a main character in Ghost The Musical who acts as a conduit between young lovers Sam and Molly after Sam’s untimely death. Oda Mae must first accept that she can communicate with Sam before she can keep Molly from danger while helping Sam avenge his death.

Slusher’s readings are confidential, and she uses empathic impressions. She hosts down-to-earth readings in a calm space: just two people in a friendly conversation during which she shares her thoughts and feelings. Slusher uses a deck of regular playing cards to focus further intuitive perceptions. 

“It’s a bit like an old radio dial, not knowing what you’ll pick up,” she said.

Ghost The Musical will be performed through Aug. 18. Call 920.868.3287 or visit to learn more.


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