Irish Art & The Beatles

From July 12 – 17, Lawrence University’s Björklunden is offering these seminars: “The Book of Kells and the Golden Age of Irish Art” with Ben Tilghman and “The Beatles…Four Lads Who Shook the World” with Carl Rath.

Perhaps the most famous medieval manuscript in the world, the Book of Kells has charmed and bewildered people for centuries. Many see it as work of pure Christian piety, while others see in it traces of the pagan past. This course will explore the manuscript in its medieval context, finding the roots of its vibrant art in the cultural, historical, and religious setting of early medieval Ireland. The class will also look at related works of art, including manuscripts, metalwork, and sculpture from early medieval Ireland and elsewhere. There will also be a discussion of the 2009 film The Secret of Kells.

From 2014 to 2020, the world will commemorate the 50th anniversaries of The Beatles’ contributions to popular culture. Learn how The Beatles defined the 1960s for a generation of fans that could not get enough of their wit, wisdom, and comedy, much less their music. Perhaps you were one of the thousands who greeted them upon their arrival in New York on Feb. 7, 1964, or one of the 73 million-plus watching them two days later on The Ed Sullivan Show. How many times did you see A Hard Day’s Night at the movie house? There will be ample opportunity to relate your own Beatles experiences.

Seminar classes meet weekday mornings and some evenings at Björklunden’s lodge, just south of Baileys Harbor. For complete course descriptions, fees and registration information call 920.839.2216, email [email protected], or visit