Isadoora Theatre Company Starts Playwrights’ Collective

Isadoora Theatre Company announces the start of Isadoora’s Playwrights’ Collective. This collective is open to anyone in the area who is interested and has written a play (or film script) of any length (anything from 10 minutes to a full-length or a work-in-progress, regardless of whether it’s ever been read or produced), or anyone who’s taken some version of a playwriting class or workshop. This is an open-ended, process-oriented group (not a class); participants will have the opportunity to hear work read aloud within the group and gain from feedback and insights from others in the collective.

Joining Isadoora’s Playwrights’ Collective to sit in on the group is free. To hear your own work read aloud, there is a $10 membership contribution per calendar year ($5 for high school students 18 and younger).

The first meeting is June 3, 2-5pm, in the Inside/Out performance space at the Margaret Lockwood Gallery at 7 S. 2nd Avenue at the corner of Michigan Street. After June 3, the collective will meet every other Saturday (same time and place). Those interested in the Playwrights’ Collective can join at any scheduled meeting.

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