Autumn 2012 – volume 10 issue 3

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In this issue

  • Len Villano, Baileys Harbor Town Hall

    Michael McArdle: Baileys Harbor’s Benefactor

    He was Baileys Harbor’s own Horatio Alger character – the fifth of eight children of Irish immigrants James and Anne Fegan McArdle, born in 1874 in a modest frame house south of the village, who rose to the presidency of a national corporation. Michael McArdle earned the equivalent of a high school diploma at 15 […]

  • Katie Sikora

    Galvanized Chest: Hot Rolled and Found Galvanized Steel by Jim Rose

    Off the beaten path in Southern Door County, Jim Rose creates his original metal furniture in a studio which was once the cheese factory of the small town of Kolberg. His pieces of metal Shaker furniture, made with found steel from scrapyards throughout the Midwest, are in collections across the country including the Smithsonian and […]

  • Katie Sikora

    Pendant: Jaspar, Sapphires, Diamond, Gold, Silver by Jeff Taylor

    This pendant by jeweler Jeff Taylor exemplifies his tendency toward free but balanced design, arresting use of color, and unique shapes, as well as symbolizes his evolution as an artist. “I spent three quarters of my career working with more traditional jewelry work – diamond rings and wedding bands. Now I’m concentrating more on the […]

  • Pancake Rabbit: Leather, Glass by Mary Ellen Sisulak

    Mary Ellen Sisulak of Turtle Ridge Gallery is renowned for her leatherwork, particularly her handmade embossed purses, satchels, and bags for which she uses custom made embossing tools. But she started her career in leather doing one of a kind, hand-carved designs, and this piece is a return to her roots. The purse was inspired […]

  • Katie Sikora

    Complementing the Piece: Myron and Anne Rogers discuss the art of framing

    If someone says, ‘Wow, that’s a beautiful framing job,’ I’ve screwed up,” laughs Myron Rogers of Cottage Row Framing & Gallery. He stands amongst a variety of art – watercolors, oil paintings, and photographs – many custom-framed by him and his wife, Anne. “Art is the most important thing,” says Anne, gesturing to a watercolor […]

  • Roy Lukes

    Wildflowers of Autumn

    A county where wildflowers can be enjoyed for around seven months of the year must be very special, and Door County is such a place. Even though spring is often rich with wildflowers before the dense, leafy canopy of the woods develops, blocking out most of the sunlight, far more species can be seen elsewhere […]

  • Katie Sikora

    Holistic Medicine

    I’m not afraid of needles. Still, when I lay back on the table and saw the fleet of sharp shiny tools, I wasn’t thrilled. Whoever discovered that pushing needles into his body was therapeutic must have been nuts. Nuts, but right. So began my first acupuncture treatment. I had met with Alison Beadell of Wood […]

  • Len Villano, Shawn Peterson

    Karen and Shawn Peterson

    We both wanted to return to Door County,” Karen Peterson said. “It’s a great place to work”…and a great place to live. Karen Carlson and Shawn Peterson grew up in Sturgeon Bay but did not become a couple until after college at University of Wisconsin – Stout. When they decided to put down roots in […]

  • Katie Sikora.

    Roots Recipes: Roasted Herbed Root Vegetables with Dried Cherries

    Autumn is harvest time and the veggies are bountiful! It is an awesome opportunity to go for a stroll in the garden and proudly fill your arms with the fruit of your hard labor. This is my favorite time of year – when the wind switches directions, blowing a long awaited cool breeze out of […]

  • Katie Sikora

    To Everything There Is a Season: Island Orchard Cider

    “It all began with a photograph I took of a glass of cider at a castle in Brittany,” Robert Purman said, when 15 years ago he and his wife Yannique were visiting her French father on a bicycle trip. Hard cider is a traditional drink in Brittany and Normandy, Yannique Purman explained, often “served with […]

  • Katie Sikora.

    Savoring Lawyers

    The Friday night fish special holds a somewhat legendary status in Wisconsin. A good fish and chips fix – washed down with a cold microbrew – marks the end of the workweek and beginning of a weekend. Now, there’s a new fish on the scene. The lawyer fish, also known as burbot or freshwater cod, […]

  • “Through Violet’s Eyes”

    We went to the beach at Coronado Island last summer – my mom, grandma and me. My name is Violet. The first day we got there Mimi and I took a walk by ourselves beside the ocean. Mimi is my grandma and she knows lots of cool stuff – like how starfish are really animals […]

  • Katie Sikora, Marilyn Peterson

    Bonnie Braes Golf League

    For nearly 20 years, the ladies of the Bonnie Braes golf league at Maxwelton Braes in Baileys Harbor continue to carry a tradition of camaraderie and friendship through their common interest in the game of golf. The Thursday night ladies’ league began in 1994 by a varied group of Door County career women and business […]

  • Len Villano, Dale Graf

    Polka Man Dale Graf

    Back in the day, I’d say 80 percent of the men who lived around here could play,” says Dale Graf of the accordion. Graf, who grew up in Jacksonport, goes on, “The mothers would want the kids out of the kitchen, and would say ‘You’re in my way, go out and practice your accordion.’ That’s […]

  • Len Villano, boat

    Rob Comstock’s Adirondack Guideboat

    There is a fine sheen of wood dust coating absolutely everything in local woodworker and artist Rob Comstock’s workshop. That soft layer covers stacks of cut spruce, tiger maple, and cherry waiting to be molded and shaped into a gloriously beautiful handmade boat. “It’s called an Adirondack guideboat,” Comstock explains as he leads a customer […]

  • Len Villano, Kim Baudhuin

    Tastes of a Belgian Settlement

    Jim Baudhuin has lived in the same home for most of his 76 years. He milks his cattle, waters his garden and occasionally entertains tour groups that spill out of busses parked on the side of County Road DK. Since Baudhuin’s farm was named a historic place and adorned with a small plaque, many visitors […]

  • Len Villano, Tom Lutsey

    Going Against the Grain at Waseda Farms

    For most of his life Tom Lutsey didn’t pay much attention to his diet. He liked his steaks, had his favorite hamburger spots in Door County, and loved to stop for a couple of the famous burgers at Kroll’s in Green Bay. He was running his family’s hugely successful ice cream business, Gold Bond Ice […]

  • Len Villano, Bird watchers

    Tales of Birdwatching in Door County

    I imagine there are a lot of people as horrible at classifying the natural world as I am. I can’t tell a Lily of the Valley from a trillium or a muskie from a trout. And when it comes to birds, well, I know that most of them fly. So as you can imagine, I […]