Autumn 2014 – volume 12 issue 3

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In this issue

  • Len Villano

    A Shish Kebab Feast

    Variations of kebabs can be found worldwide. They are a super fun, anything goes, no frills, versatile meal that pairs well with a camping trip or a tailgate party. In some cultures kebabs are a popular late night snack for young folks after a night out on the town. My favorite way to enjoy food […]

  • Len Villano

    Falling for Fall Seasonals

    Beer was adventurous in early America. As the above ditty from New England circa the 1630s shows, just about anything was fair game for brewing. After many centuries, beer is once again an adventure. I haven’t seen a parsnip beer, but I have had black walnut beer, thistle beer, maple sap beer, and we can […]

  • Len Villano

    Farm Fresh Kimchi

    What exactly is kimchi, other than delicious? Is it considered a condiment, a salad, a side dish? Sour like sauerkraut, yet spiced up with ginger, garlic and hot peppers, kimchi is all of the above. It was developed in Korea centuries ago as a way to preserve vegetables for long periods of time and varied […]

  • Millions of Memories

    The Door County vacation is every bit a tradition, with reasons aplenty between the cherries, wine, beaches, ma-and-pa shops and serenity. Somewhere on that list – not too high, not too low – is golf. Does it deserve a larger calling on the Door Peninsula? Maybe. Maybe not. Truth is, the turn of the century […]

  • Len Villano

    A Peaceful Place for Writing Words

    Those of us with hopes of a writing career have often thought how wonderful it would be to withdraw into a sanctuary with uninterrupted peace and quiet for work. Write On, Door County offers such an opportunity for authors. In exchange for presenting a workshop or a program, writers have the use of a cottage […]

  • Roy Lukes

    Wild Cherry Tree

    With Door County being one of the prime tart cherry producing areas in North America, most people tend to overlook the most common wild cherry trees that are native to our county and state. All of the three main species – Black Cherry, Chokecherry and Pin Cherry – produce fruit relished by quite a few […]

  • Len Villano

    Ken’s Irish Wall

    Ken Birnschein doesn’t know exactly what made him begin, but he can point out the very first rock he laid in his three-year quest to build a stone wall at his home on Nelson Road near Valmy. By the time the last stone was laid in 2012, Ken had built a 260-foot-long wall and something […]

  • Len Villano

    Camping in Door County

    In the summer of 1921, Peninsula State Park was 12 years old, and anyone interested in camping at one of its three campgrounds would have paid 21 cents a week or a mere $5 to stay the entire season. Setting up canvas tents on wooden platforms at Shanty Bay (now Nicolet), Welcker’s Point or Weborg […]

  • Len Villano

    Fall 50 Gets Gets Serious

    Zach Bitter posted the fastest 50-mile race time in the country when he won the Door County Fall 50 in 2011. But it wasn’t good enough to earn him a spot on the national ultra team. When Fall 50 founder Sean Ryan heard that, he called the national team director to find out why. He […]

  • Len Villano

    Cycle the Door’s Centuries

    When the Village of Sister Bay demolished the Helm’s Four Seasons Hotel to expand Waterfront Park in 2008, the wheels started turning in Brian Fitzgerald’s head. The event organizer who once spun pots at a small shop across the street from the village beach envisioned a site that outdoors lovers would clamor for. The village […]

  • Len Villano

    A Band Named Dirty Deuce

    People who experience a Dirty Deuce show shake their heads at the primal energy unleashed by Rob Atwood on guitar and vocals and Jamey Clark on drums. How can so much sound come from just two guys? It turns out that being a duo is a blessing and a curse. There are fewer egos to […]

  • A Bright Spot: Jennie Bexell Brings New Flair to Retail Scene

    I stopped to see Jennie (pronounced “Yennie”) at Spot, her clothing and accessories store in Sister Bay, to tell her I’d been asked to write this article. She said, surprised, “An article about me? Why?” Jennie’s surprise leads me to believe she doesn’t know how well-regarded she is in this community generally, nor that all […]

  • Len Villano

    The Winds and Waves of Autumn

    For many of us, autumn is our favorite season. We relish the changing colors of the foliage; the pumpkins, gourds, and cornstalks; and the cool crisp, star-filled nights. Yet for those who love being out on the water, taking in the beauty of the season from offshore, autumn can present unique challenges and threats that […]

  • Len Villano

    Car Crazy

    You might see retired Winnebago County Circuit Court Judge Bob Hawley tooling around in one of his Porsches or in his lime green VW bus or in a cream-colored Morris Minor, or you might see his wife, Jennifer Blahnik, in her bumblebee Citroen 2CV. “I just collect cars,” Hawley said. “I guess what got me […]

  • Emma Husby’s Legend Lives On

    Fourscore and several years ago, a man named Engebreth Husby and his wife began to lease L. Lerner’s general store, in a place we would barely recognize today as downtown Sister Bay. Engebreth, who was, understandably, better known by his middle name, Martin, had recently closed down his Cherryland Cheese Company and returned to farming […]

  • Tattoo Art

    Rebellion. Remembrance. Romance. You could say those are the three Rs among folks who decide to apply tattoos to their bodies. But Tara Adsit knows everyone who walks into her shop, Madison Avenue Tattoo in Sturgeon Bay, will have an individual reason for seeking her tattooing services. “People have all kinds of reasons for getting […]

  • Len Villano

    Jeffcoat Tells Stories with Metal and Stone

    It has been declared that all the world’s a stage, and if this is so, we players must all wear costumes which portray our parts. But among these ensembles, there are some adornments that transcend the ever-changing styles of dress and tress. Jewelry, passed down from a grandmother or donned every day, can claim a […]

  • Len Villano

    Len Behind the Lens

    He can be seen routinely in the county – following a parade, attending a festival, at a concert, at a dedication ceremony; although, most often he cannot be seen wandering and waiting in the county’s parks and on shorelines before the rest of the county rises. All the while he is photographing. While we may […]

  • The Mystery of Le Griffon

    Steve Libert, 60, has been actively searching for Robert de LaSalle’s Le Griffon in Lake Michigan for 30 years, half his life. He spent many years as an intelligence analyst with the Defense Mapping Agency (now the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency), until he retired last year to focus on the search for Le Griffon. LaSalle, […]

  • The Holy Grail of the Great Lakes: Le Griffon

    Many people believe Steve Libert is chasing a pipe dream by trying to place 17th century French explorer Robert de LaSalle’s Le Griffon, the Holy Grail of ships lost on the Great Lakes, in Lake Michigan. “I get a lot of people who are brighter than me that try to tell me I’m wrong, that […]