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Autumn 2015 – volume 13 issue 3

Executive Editor
Madeline Harrison
Jim Lundstrom
Assistant Editor
Alissa Ehmke
Arts & Literature Editor
Alyssa Skiba
Production Manager
David Eliot
Creative Director
Ryan Miller
Photography Director
Len Villano
Sales Managers
Madeline Harrison, Stephen Grutzmacher, Jess Farley
Contributing Editors
Myles Dannhausen Jr., Laurel Duffin Hauser, Jess Farley, Stephen Grutzmacher, Gary Jones, Katie Lott, Roy Lukes, Jackson Parr, Angela Sherman, Matt Stottern, Patty Williamson
Distribution Manager
Angela Sherman
The Paper Boy, LLC
Distribution Experts
Michael Brooks, Michael Hyde, Matthew Smith, Drew Witteborg
David Eliot
Business Manager
Madeline Harrison
Office Manager
Lisa Glabe
Chief Technology Officer
Nate Bell

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In this issue

  • Marnie’s: Stepping Into Tradition

    Anne Mueller and her family are taking over an institution in Southern Door, no easy challenge in a community of habit.

  • Epicenter of Island Life: Nelsen’s Hall and Bitters Pub

    At Nelsen's Hall and Bitters Pub, anyone can join the club that got Island drinkers through the dry years.

  • AC Tap: A Tavern Less Traveled

    The AC Tap started as a farmer's bar, but to many locals and visitors alike, Door County wouldn't be Door County without it.

  • The Bayside Tavern: Door County’s Great Equalizer

    While there are many bars on the peninsula in which everyone will know your name, it’s the Bayside that feels most like Cheers.

  • The Red Room – the Heart of Sturgeon Bay

    The Red Room is acknowledged by most as the city’s defining bar, if not by itself, then in the company of Poh’s and Greystone.

  • Breadth and Longevity: Birmingham’s

    The lure of Birmingham's has nothing to do with the bar, and everything to do with the people.

  • When I Learned What Husby’s Meant to Sister Bay

    For former owner Myles Dannhausen, Husby's was an acquired love, discovered in the depths of a tragic Sister Bay spring.

  • Institute Saloon: Keeping the Locals Happy for 120 years

    Co-owner Dennis Schartner says sometimes you can feel history oozing right inside the building. “Oh, yes,” he said. “I’ve seen shadows. It’s made the hair on the back of my neck raise. I’ve had other bartenders at closing time hear strange things that startled them.” You won’t hurt Schartner’s feelings if you don’t believe that […]

  • Institute Saloon

    How A Tavern Makes A Town: Door County’s Iconic Watering Holes

    Editor’s Note:  In the Autumn issue of Door County Living magazine, writers Jim Lundstrom, Myles Dannhausen, and Jackson Parr set out to tell the story of the role that watering holes play in our peninsula’s communities. To do so they profiled eight of the county’s iconic bars in brief. The Institute Saloon – Keeping the Locals […]

  • Casting Colors – The Art of Hooking Fish

    “What those crazy fish see, I don’t know. But it matters.” Todd Haleen is the owner of First Choice Charters in Baileys Harbor and anglers across the county echo his statement. The fishing lure may be the single most important variable between a big haul and driving home with an empty cooler. The science behind […]

  • Recipes: 4 Great Ways to Use Garlic

    Garlic has been integrated into cuisine from around the world for millennia. It is a basic staple for flavor and depth in just about everything you are cooking. Raw garlic is spicy and will add a funk to your breath; however, when garlic is cooked the flavor is sweetened and softened. In my opinion it […]

  • Wherefore Kombucha?

    Everything old is new again. It’s certainly the case with fermentation, the ancient method that preserves and enhances foods from kimchi to sauerkraut, and creates some delightful byproducts as well (i.e. alcohol). Lately, the local foods movement has made fermentation a battle cry, and “fermentation fests” are popping up from coast to coast. Kombucha, a fermented […]

  • Door County’s Kind of Skyscrapers

    The tallest natural point in Door County is not the scenic Sven’s Bluff or the ascent from Ellison Bay. It is an 860-foot mound in the town of Brussels on the county line between Door and Kewaunee. The mound is just a smaller brother to an 870-foot mound in Kewaunee. On a clear day, climbing […]

  • Restoring Glory at Bruemmer Park Zoo

    When Pa Bear died at the Bruemmer Park Zoo in Kewaunee in 2011, it was the end of an era. The zoo, on an eight-acre site within the 30-acre Bruemmer County Park, got its first pair of bears in 1938, and they had a cub in 1940. Pa outlived his mate – named, of course, […]

  • Great Blue Herons and other Large Waterbirds

    The most widely distributed and best known heron of our country, the largest and most majestic of these fascinating waterbirds, is the Great Blue Heron. In looking back to my high school years in Kewaunee, Wisconsin, 1944 – 1947, some of the most memorable adventures were spent in the old Chippewa wooden and canvas canoe that […]

  • Golf’s Games Within The Game

    Anyone who has ever spent much time playing the game of golf has realized that golf is several games within a game. Those who have not played the game much can learn much faster and have more fun if they take the most important part of the game and spend a bit of time learning […]

  • Recipes: Pumpkins Beyond Pie

    At Halloween, carved pumpkins line sidewalks and porches, but pumpkins are for more than just carving. Pumpkin’s best-known baking use is pie, but fresh pureed pumpkin is versatile and can be cooked in a variety of other ways such as cheesecake, pancakes, and even baby food. How to get started: Pick your pumpkin. Typically, baking […]

  • Door County’s Original Historian: Hjalmar R. Holand

    Few, if any, individuals who have called Door County home have led more interesting lives than Hjalmar R. Holand. His interactions with famous people, his world travels, and his prolific writings combine to form a remarkable life. And though he called America home for most of his 90 years, his Norwegian ancestry defined a large […]

  • Harvey Haen Cherry Picker

    Harvey Haen, Much More Than Egg Harbor’s Mr. Fix-it

    In the days when tourism was only a sidelight in Egg Harbor, when the community was a workingman’s town of cherry pickers, farmers and shipyard workers, nobody was more necessary – or more admired – than the man they called Mr. Fix-it. “If it ran, floated, or towed, Harv could fix it,” Art Witalison wrote […]

  • The Tile Murals of Door County Schools

    When I visit Gibraltar School and walk along the hallway past the old gym, I look on the bottom row of the “Visions of Peace” tile mural created by elementary students in 1997 to find mine, one that I made after teaching Kurt Vonnegut’s antiwar novel, Slaughterhouse-Five. My sense of pride is no different than […]

  • The Girl Who Knew Jens Jensen

    Her parents christened her Malin, a popular name in Sweden, meaning true and trustworthy. When she started kindergarten, school officials changed it to Marlene. But it really didn’t matter, because from the time she was a wee girl, she has been called Tudy, the nickname her father gave her. Her parents were Henny and Titus […]

  • Ginnie Cappaert

    Cappaert’s Art Inspired by Surroundings

    Spontaneity may rule the afternoon and evening hours Ginnie Cappaert spends in her quaint studio overlooking the waters of Egg Harbor, but it is her dedication to a morning routine of meditation and the great outdoors that gets her there. An abstract landscape painter, those quiet moments practicing yoga, hiking the peninsula’s trails, and biking […]

  • Copper Box Draws on True Wisconsin Roots

    When Judy Drew first heard about the band Copper Box in 2004, her mind couldn’t help but pause when the words accordion and Pink Floyd came up in the same sentence. As the executive director of Third Avenue Playhouse at the time, she was charged with building the theater’s audience by bringing family friendly entertainment […]