Door County Living Autumn 2021 – Volume 19, Issue 3

In this issue

  • A Blissful Transformation: Marketplace breathes new life into downtown

    A centerpiece of old downtown Sturgeon Bay sat empty for two years, leaving the city scrambling to find a tenant who was willing to take on the former Younkers building at the corner of 3rd Avenue and Louisiana Street. It turned out that city administrators didn’t have to look very far to find a perfect […]

  • Compassionate Law: Immigration Attorney Luca Fagundes

    There are early experiences we have that, in the moment, appear to be isolated incidents or even nothing more than a meaningless part of the everyday minutiae. Unbeknownst to us, however, these tiny blips on the timeline can actually become cornerstones for some other aspect of our life down the road.  For Luca Fagundes, such […]

  • Ephraim’s Brown Thumb

    Picture Ephraim, and you’ll certainly conjure up an image of white buildings lining the shoreline, the two white steeples of the Ephraim Moravian and Bethany Lutheran churches popping out of the treeline, and sailboats moored in Ephraim Harbor.  A handful of buildings add splashes of color to the palette. There’s the quaint Firehouse Museum nestled […]

  • CURIOSITIES: JJ’s Best Customers

    James “JJ” Johnson is known to have such an eye for a deal that he has a hard time passing them up. That’s how he once ended up coming back from a restaurant auction not with a cooler or a pizza oven, but with the whole darned restaurant.  Early in his days as a restaurateur, […]

  • A Run for Everyone: Door County Half Marathon is many things to many runners

    A half marathon means different things to different people. For some, it’s an opportunity to travel, see new landscapes and make new friends. For others, it’s a chance to test their physical limits on a challenging course. Then there are those who use the experience to find themselves again after a major life change. And […]

  • EDITOR’S NOTE: The Autumn Essential

    This article appeared in the Autumn 2021 edition of Door County Living magazine. The hoodie.  Simple. Versatile. Essential. How many Door County evenings have been made better by its presence? How many have been ruined by its absence?  In early spring, I jump the gun, shedding the thick layers of winter at the first sign […]