Door County Living Early Summer 2018 – Volume 16 Issue 2

Jim Lundstrom

Alissa Ehmke

Ryan Miller

Len Villano

Renee Puccini

David Eliot

Jess Farley, Stephen Grutzmacher

Angela Sherman

The Paper Boy, LLC

Jeff Andersen, Chris Eckland, Mike Grozis, Susie Vania, Jacob Wickman

Ben Pothast

Kait Shanks

Nate Bell

Sally Collins, Myles Dannhausen Jr., Jess Farley, Steve Grutzmacher, Gina Guth, Ryan Heise, Aleah Kidd, Charlotte Lukes, Jackson Parr, Alyssa Skiba, Justin Skiba, Patty Williamson, Sean Zak

David Eliot

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Volume 16 Issue 2

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In this issue

  • Door County’s Aviation History: Coming! Coming! A Flying Circus!

    The historic aviators of Door County were not unique in the sense that they were enraptured with the miracle of flight. That was universal. But they brought a relentless dedication and spirit that turned a few dirt landing strips into symbols of our community and gave us the opportunity to view the peninsula with new […]

  • A Community’s Vision: The murals of Algoma

    One of the great benefits of living in a small community is witnessing how residents will rally to support specific causes, goals or projects. Eleven years ago, the residents of Algoma threw their support behind what then seemed an unlikely project: the creation of large-scale murals on walls throughout their downtown district. Conceived as part […]

  • Door to Nature: Do Insects Bug you?

    I was eager to learn about the birds and wildflowers of The Ridges Sanctuary when I married Roy Lukes 46 years ago and moved into the Range Light residence. As summer progressed it was fun being able to identify trees, shrubs and the animals in the area, but insects were just a bother and were […]

  • RECIPE: BLT with Herbed Mayo

    Herbs are a garden must. They are fragrant, savory, beautiful and tasty.  In some cases they have medicinal and spiritual qualities. They have been incorporated into spiritual rituals and medicinal practice around the globe for thousands of years. Herbs differ from vegetables because they add flavor, not sustenance to your diet. Some herbs take on […]

  • Southern Door’s Dessert: The Belgian Pie

    Southern Door County is steeped in Belgian heritage. The home of the largest North American Belgian settlement keeps many traditions of the homeland alive, particularly in the kitchen, and none is more famous than the Belgian pie. The Belgian pie is a sweet, raised dough pastry that is usually filled with fruit and topped with […]

  • How Brussels Got Its Name

    Looking into the history of Brussels, you can almost hear the clomp of sabots echoing down through the years. The great exodus from Belgium to what we know today as southern Door County took place in the mid-19th century as northern Europe experienced a food crisis caused by potato blight. Everyone has heard of the […]

  • Harbor Light Inn: Peaceful, Quiet, Charming in Gills Rock

    The “painted lady” Victorian in Gills Rock is just as regal today as it was in 1904 when Willy Weborg built it for his bride, Olga, who demanded only the best. They regularly opened their large home to travelers from Chicago who arrived by schooner at the dock they owned nearby. Today, the blue house […]

  • Resurrecting Cherry Hills Golf Course

    Owning a golf course is a risky proposition these days. What were once profitable 18-hole, real estate-bound business opportunities have devolved into precarious pet projects for millionaires. And success, at least for many of Wisconsin’s public courses, remains largely dependent on the inconsistent hand of Mother Nature. More than 100 courses close each year nationwide. […]

  • Surf’s Up in Door

    With all modesty, I’ve posted many surfing pictures of myself on social media during the last few years. The picture posted from a December surf session in Door County with a tagline simply reading “Lake Michigan, December 6th,” seemed to garner an unusually high number of comments: “You’re crazy,” “Brrr…,” and my favorite, “So cool, […]

  • A Potter Turns to Food: Forget Thor’s hammer; meet his brick oven

    Larry “Thor” Thoreson, has a unique way of cooking things up in Ellison Bay. While he and his wife, Judy, have devoted 39 years to Gills Rock Pottery, Thor has spent the better part of the last decade learning a different set of skills — cooking in a wood-fired brick oven. Since 1989, the Thoresons’ […]

  • Peter Sloma: Fish Creek’s Resident ‘Generalist’

    A decade ago, with the advent of e-books, prognosticators predicted the end of the printed book. And for a time it looked like the predictions might be correct; but after a rapid rise in sales through 2013, e-book sales have since leveled off. Indeed, the number of printed titles being published each year from established […]

  • A Family Affair: Edgewood Orchard Galleries celebrate 50 years

    The tale of one of Door County’s most prestigious and beloved galleries starts like a movie celebrating sisterhood. Imagine two married Milwaukee girlfriends — Irene and Ethel — driving up the Door Peninsula in the late 1950s for a little R&R. Irene notices some beautiful trees, an old fruit barn etched with “1918,” a For […]

  • Dramatic Structure: Raising the Curtain on Set Design

    There are many theaters and troupes that perform on Door County’s stages and there is little they have in common, including the look and feel of each set design. But they do all share the same tenet of set design: serve the performance. James Valcq, co-artistic director at the Third Avenue Playhouse (TAP), took quite […]

  • The Malmö Mule: Stabbur’s Swedish twist on the refreshing summer cocktail

    As the days get warmer, the cocktails get colder, and there is no better way to keep cool than with a Moscow Mule. The zesty, lime-and-ginger libation is a popular choice of bar-goers year round, but the height of popularity is when summer hits its stride. According to cocktail legend, the first Moscow Mule was […]

  • Exploring Eagle Trail in Peninsula State Park

    The bluffs of the Niagara Escarpment are one of Door County’s defining features, and nowhere is their scale and beauty more pronounced than along Eagle Trail in Peninsula State Park. This two-mile loop that drops more than 200 feet from atop the bluff to the bottom is the most popular of all the peninsula’s hiking […]

  • EDITOR’S NOTE: Test Your Knowledge of Summery Songs

    Hey, it’s summer and the living is easy. Right? At least, that’s what I’ve heard. Despite being a very lazy journalist, according to several of our readers, I’m always busy here at Door County Living/Peninsula Pulse central in beautiful downtown Baileys Harbor. Because of a constant calendar jam, the seasons are something whose virtues we […]