Door County Living Early Summer 2021 – Volume 19, Issue 1

In this issue

  • On Your Plate: Grilled Chicken on a Stick

    As we began to unwind from our long, solitary winter and impenetrable polar vortex, I had a craving to write about finger food — specifically, grilled finger food. The song “Crowded Table” by The Highwomen — voted the Best Country Song of 2020 — carried me through the pandemic days because it reminded me of […]

  • A Taste of Spring: The Birds and The Bees

    Spring is here, and with it, fresh blooms in the air and the sound of bees buzzing about and pollinating the fields. What better time for a drink that highlights the bounty of the Earth and fresh spring flavors?  The Birds and Bees cocktail blends and balances the floral flavors of chamomile tea, the sweetness […]

  • Door to Nature: Morel Mushrooms

    I remember seeing a brochure once that proclaimed, “May is Morel Month in Michigan,” but that’s true for most places where these fungi grow. It really depends more on weather, soil moisture and the preferred habitat of these sought-after gems. Someone we knew years ago hunted wild turkeys in southwestern Wisconsin each spring and found […]

  • Brussels Store Is Empty No More

    When Heather Truett and Nick Waack fell in love with the old building in Brussels in 2014, they knew it was the place where they wanted to create their dream for the future. What they didn’t know then — but would soon hear from longtime community residents — was not only how happy those locals […]

  • Searching for a Meaningful Moment: A Q&A with 2021 Hal Prize Photography Judges Coburn and Tad Dukehart

    You’ve likely seen Tad Dukehart’s name in the pages of the Peninsula Pulse, most notably for his photos of fire calls and county events. But before he retired to Ephraim and began capturing the county’s history, he spent 40 years recording history in Baltimore and Washington, D.C. — from Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have […]

  • Alumni Door County Profile: Keith Negley

    “I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t an artist,” replied Sevastopol alumnus Keith Negley when asked when he decided to pursue his passion in the arts. The Washington artist, whose impressive works are regularly showcased on a national stage, has roots in Door County as a 1996 graduate of Sevastopol School. “I remember being […]

  • Art Feature: Going Up, Going Big with Dan Eggert

    Photographer Dan Eggert led a nomad’s life for 23 years, shifting between Door County in the summer and Lake Tahoe in the winter. The uncertainty of the pandemic put winter projects on hold, however, and it forced him to stay put on the peninsula last winter for the first time. He found an apartment in […]

  • Art Seen: the Vision of Claire Erickson

    Door County imports artists. They come from across the country to participate in events such as the Peninsula School of Art’s Plein Air Festival or to develop their craft at local art institutions. They paint Door County sunsets, a bustling Wilson’s and cracked bluffs. Their art is steeped in Door County, and it is at […]

  • Paddle Garrett Bay

    Cave Point isn’t the only spot to float along the rocky outcroppings of the Niagara Escarpment. Take the drive north to Ellison Bay and turn down Garrett Bay Road almost to Gills Rock, winding beneath the picturesque tree canopy, and put in at the Garrett Bay boat launch. Even in the heart of summer, you’ll […]

  • Hike the Hemlock Trail

    When people think about hiking in Peninsula State Park, Eagle Trail is usually the first trail that comes to mind. But lovers of the outdoors shouldn’t look past Hemlock Trail. This path winds through a white cedar forest and up the Niagara Escarpment to reveal stunning views of Green Bay and the Strawberry Islands.  Distance: […]

  • Every Room Needs a Door: The Hendersons create inviting, whimsical garden rooms

    Suppose you’ve retired in Door County from a very busy life. You’ve purchased a little home (actually an old fishing cabin) just steps from the bay, with 40,000 square feet of forested land between your back door and Bay Shore Drive near Sturgeon Bay. It’s time for long morning strolls through the trees and lazy […]

  • The Tales of Captain Robbo: Jim Robinson loves life floating over Death’s Door

    Long before setting sail as Door County’s original cruise-boat operator, Jim Robinson — who’s also a skilled scuba diver — aspired to venture a few fathoms below the surface as a U-boat captain. Not with the Navy, mind you — just for kicks.  As a young man in Chicago, Robinson knew a guy who sold […]

  • Curiosities: The Belgian Chapels of Southern Door

    Along the roadsides of southern Door County, in the heart of the Belgian-American settlement, an observant traveler might notice small, unobtrusive buildings standing slightly apart from a brick farmhouse or painted red barn. These simple structures, built of wood and adorned with a cross on the roof or above the door, could easily be mistaken […]

  • Curiosities: The Freddie K. B.S. Tractor Ride

    If you find yourself driving the backroads of Baileys Harbor sometime during the second week of June, you might find yourself stuck behind an odd traffic jam of tractors.   The long line is the annual Freddie K. B.S. Tractor Ride, Door County’s most informal parade to harvest memories and celebrate the life of one of […]

  • Curiosities: Why the Curvy Road Curves

    It might be the most-photographed road in Wisconsin: the end of Highway 42 at the tip of the peninsula that’s famous for its unnecessary curves as it causes drivers to serpentine on their way to the Northport ferry dock. It draws photographers in all seasons, and it begs the mind of every one of them […]

  • Publisher’s Note

    A spring may never have meant as much to the people of Door County than the one we’re entering now. After a year hunkered down, months of Zooms and FaceTimes, many nights of anxiety and fear, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Here, it arrives just in time, at the doorstep […]