Door County Living Fall 2019 – Volume 17, Issue 3

In this issue

  • On Your Plate: No-Goat Street Tacos

    My definition of a street taco is something packed with bold flavors, procured from a food truck or street vendor, and easy to eat while walking or sitting on a park bench. Street tacos originated in Mexico and are typically smaller than an American-style taco, which usually comprises a hard shell, ground beef, shredded cheese […]

  • In Your Glass: Bippity, Boppity, Booze!

    If you’re someone who subscribes to the notion of “coffee in the a.m., cocktails in the p.m.,” then we have the p.m. part to match your seasonal a.m. PSL (aka the pumpkin spice latte): the face of fall beverages.  This cocktail incorporates the big, orange fruit through homemade or store-bought pumpkin puree, and it adds […]

  • Scofield House: A Classic Beauty

    When Herbert “Bert” and Augusta Scofield built their 15-room Victorian home in 1902, it was described as “the grandest house in Sturgeon Bay,” befitting the scion of a prominent family. Bert had just completed two terms as mayor, following in the footsteps of his father, Charles, who was elected the town’s first mayor in 1883.  […]

  • Through the Eyes of the Fan

    A golf writer joins the gallery This gig has been good, that’s for sure. When not profiling the people and places that define golf in Door County, I get to do it on a national level at GOLF Magazine. There’s a big golfy world out there. It has Tiger Woods and Brooks Koepka, St. Andrews […]

  • Up Strawberry Creek: Salmon Run Feeds Those in Need, Sustains Sportfishing

    Can a species be called invasive if it was intentionally introduced into our waters? For example, fish farms in the Southern states introduced Asian carp to the United States in the 1960s and ’70s. The bottom-feeding fish helped keep the fish ponds clean. Through floods and accidental release, they found their way into the Mississippi […]

  • Sailing Away Aboard the Edith M. Becker

    Looking out over Sister Bay from the deck of the 18th-century-inspired tall ship the Edith M. Becker, it’s easy to forget that you’re in the 21st century. Craning your neck, you follow the canvas sails as the crew raises them by hand and they unfurl at the top of the schooner’s two masts. Winding lines […]

  • Hiking to Old Baldy

    To me, fall is the most romantic time of the year in Door County. Spring often gets the credit as the season of love, when the birds and the bees awaken and get busy procreating. Then summer arrives, with “Summer Lovin’” playing on repeat and sunshine heating things up. But fall has always found a […]

  • Honkers in the Autumn Sky

    The Vs of migrating geese heading south on brisk, north winds is a sure sign of fall. One of my favorite stories is the essay about wild geese in Aldo Leopold’s famous book, A Sand County Almanac. Leopold told of seeing the geese returning in the spring to his southern Wisconsin marshland and the wonderful […]

  • Door County’s Poetic Camaraderie

    “I was bitten.” So said Door County Poet Laureate Nancy Rafal upon taking a poetry-appreciation class at The Clearing Folk School in the early 2000s. After a decades-long break from writing poetry seriously, she found herself hooked again. “I thought, ‘Oh, my gosh, there are people who are writing poetry up here. There are people […]

  • A Surrealistic Journey at the Miller Art Museum

    “I wish to instill suspicion in that which seems familiar.”— 20th-century Belgian surrealist painter René Magritte Surrealism became an official artistic movement with the publication of André Breton’s Surrealist Manifesto in 1924, but surrealism has always been around. It seems to be part of the human condition. Some suggest that surrealism has become the new […]

  • Peter Nehlsen’s Double-Keyboard Piano: A Piano Built with Passion

    Back on his family’s farm in southern Wisconsin during his freshman year of college, Peter Nehlsen had been milking a cow when a cat ran underneath and spooked the cow. The cow kicked him in the jaw, and that’s when he knew he wouldn’t be able to have a career playing trombone. At the time, […]

  • What’s With the Graffiti at Anderson Dock?

    You’ve probably seen the colorful exterior walls of Ephraim’s Hardy Gallery — and maybe you’ve even contributed a graffito of your own — but have you ever wondered how the wall-writing tradition began? The gallery doesn’t encourage writing on its walls merely as a gimmick. Rather, the graffiti tradition at Anderson Dock is an embodiment […]

  • Under Two Skies: Northern Sky Lifts Curtain on Second Home

    For years, Neen Rock, stage production manager for Northern Sky Theater, would throw a printer in her car among music stands and scripts, drive to a writing workshop during musical-creation phases and set up the gear. The writers would produce some pages of script and make revisions, and Rock would have to throw the printer […]