2015 Philanthropy Issue

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  • Alternative Treatment

    Last August, Jody, 39, was diagnosed with cancer and was told there is no effective treatment for her. Since then she has had multiple surgeries. “They keep cutting and pasting me back together,” she said. “I was feeling like the walking dead or a sitting duck.” In November she was at a dinner party where […]

  • Retreats for Breast Cancer Patients

    “Most of my energy was devoted to physically healing my body while my spirit remained bruised and damaged. Thank you for the gift of allowing me to ‘Take a breath.’” “The opportunity to laugh, cry, relax, and be with women who know what I’m going through has been incredible!” Those are two responses from women who […]

  • A Focus on Quality and Quantity of Life

    Dr. David Groteluschen, a medical oncologist with Green Bay Oncology, views himself as a guide helping people navigate a world skewed by a cancer diagnosis. “I don’t think medicine is always about fixing people,” he said. “I think it is about guiding people and figuring out the best way to take care of our life. […]

  • Ganging Up On Cancer

    Is there a word more frightening than cancer? Cancer is the general name for a group of more than 100 diseases that start with abnormal cells growing out of control and invading other tissue. While cigarette smoking and sun exposure are two known causes of cancerous cells, there is still much that is not known […]

  • Time – It’s About How You Spend It

    “There’s no more generous act than giving your time. Money, you can make more of it, but time is a very finite item for each of us, and we can spend it wisely or we can spend it foolishly, but it will spend all the same.” Grace Rossman of Thrivent Financial, one of the 12th […]

  • Father Tony is Philanthropist of Year

    Father Anthony Birdsall – or Father Tony as he is known – retired from the Corpus Christi Parish in Sturgeon Bay on Sept. 1, 2008, but continues to have an impact on the people of Door County, as evidenced by his being named the 2014 Philanthropist of the Year at the Door County Community Foundation’s […]

  • Butterfly Effect

    In this artist’s mind, philanthropy invoked the image of children running through a field of flowers on a sunny day, perhaps chasing after butterflies. The image was a work of Ryan Miller’s imagination, and as oil pastel was laid to matboard, the evolution of the idea and all it encompassed became a matter of fate. […]

  • 200 Miles in Their Shoes

    Door County has become a haven for silent sports, or sports that promote participation over spectating. With several bike rides, runs and multi-sport events popping up throughout the peninsula, it has also created a ground for fundraising. The Treatment Trail Run is a weeklong series of 5k running races throughout Eastern Wisconsin from Wauwatosa to […]

  • Community Philanthropy

    “Participation is the new endowment.” With the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation’s release of a report titled “The Value of Community Philanthropy,” a panel discussion of experts was convened to discuss the issue. It was there that I came across this quote from Janet Topolsky. As the Director of the Community Strategies Group at the Aspen […]

  • Causes to Celebrate

    Pam Seiler, Executive Director of the Sturgeon Bay Visitor Center, and Todd Trimberger, proprietor of Lifestyles by Bliss, at the Sturgeon Bay Visitor Center Membership Mixer on October 21, 2014. Photo courtesy of the Sturgeon Bay Visitor Center.       The Pink Classic Golf Tournament, held June 1, 2014 beckoned golfers young and old […]