Door County Living – Philanthropy 2018

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In this issue

  • People Leading by Example: Sheila Petroni of Neighbor to Neighbor

    The geography of Door County provides nearly 300 miles of shoreline and scenic beauty, but it poses a great challenge for organizations trying to extend services to the northern reaches of the county. In 1993, Neighbor to Neighbor Volunteer Caregivers director Jackie Izyk visited churches to find someone to help extend their reach. She found […]

  • Maplewood Catholic Church Grew Out of Community

    Churches are as familiar a part of the landscape as farms in Wisconsin, standing as brick-and-mortar proof of a community’s faith. A church tells the world, this is a community. But how does that happen? How does the physical church come to be? Thanks to the archivists of the Green Bay Diocese and the meticulous […]

  • On Our Cover: ‘A Hand Up’ Painting Up for Auction

    Upon hearing this year’s Door County Living Philanthropy theme — highlighting the charitable efforts behind the peninsula’s nonprofit structures — it was natural for Baileys Harbor artist Kate Roth to consider the people behind those efforts. She is, after all, a painter of people. When commissioned to create this issue’s cover art, Roth held the […]

  • Stretching Dimes Into Dollars at the Open Door Bird Sanctuary

    Rob Hults and Jillaine Burton Seefeldt walked along the path of the Open Door Bird Sanctuary and pointed out that the grass was cut. To them, it was something worth pointing out. Up until a volunteer donated a new lawn tractor to the sanctuary, they were chugging along with a perpetually broken mower that was […]

  • People Leading by Example: Carrie and David Link of Door County Habitat for Humanity

    David Link found himself missing the camaraderie of the workplace after retiring to Door County about a dozen years ago. “On the job I had a lot of work friends, people I would see daily and who I liked a lot, but who I rarely saw outside of work,” he said. Though he admits he’s […]

  • Community Building = Building Community

    The idea of building community through philanthropy is the focus of this year’s edition of Philanthropy. We decided to do that through the eyes of organizations that have required the benevolence of the community to exist. We take a historic look at what it took to build a church at the turn of the 20th […]

  • Northern Door Children’s Center: Teaching Children, Changing Lives

    Returning to work after having a child is a daunting task for a parent. Lining up child care, fitting it into your financial constraints, and building in the time to get your kid to and from daycare or school can upend your life and your budget. Then you have to let go and trust the […]

  • Small Steps and Big Goals on Plum and Pilot Islands

    The remaining historic structures on Plum and Pilot Islands are facing the fate of Pilot Island’s fog signal building:  little more than four crumbling stone walls and a collapsed roof covered in bird droppings. They are decades past needed maintenance and, without some support, the islands of Death’s Door would reclaim them to their natural […]

  • People Leading by Example: Nancy Hutchinson of Adopt-a-Soldier

    It started with one young man in 2008. Matt Olson, a graduate of Sevastopol High School, enlisted in the Army and was twice deployed to Afghanistan. Nancy Hutchinson, who said Matt was “like a third son in our family,” remembered that her dad, Vickson Palmer, a veteran of the Korean War, and her husband, Clyde […]

  • People Leading by Example: Dr. Marc Binard of Door County Medical Center

    Say the word “Haiti” to most people and they will conjure up images in their mind of abject poverty, political upheaval and natural disaster. But not Dr. Marc Binard, a hospitalist at the Door County Medical Center who has a 46-year love affair with the island nation. Binard’s relationship with Haiti began in 1971 when […]

  • 2017 Philanthropist of the Year: John Herlache

    A couple of years ago my wife broke her toe. While painful, what was surprising to us is how much a broken toe impacted the other parts of her body. Apparently after the break she started to walk a little differently. She put more weight on the left side of her body to compensate for […]

  • Volunteers Honored at 15th Golden Heart Celebration

    The Volunteer Center of Door County celebrated the 15th Annual Golden Heart Volunteer Celebration “Follow Your Heart,” April 20, 2017. Guests celebrated at the Stone Harbor Resort Ballroom honoring the incredible work of Door County volunteers and the agencies they serve. Award recipients received $500 to donate to a Door County charity of their choice […]