Door County Living Summer 2020 – Volume 18, Issue 2

In this issue

  • Getting Your Licks In at Not Licked Yet

    For visitors and residents alike, a trip to Fish Creek often involves taking a trek down a steep hill to get a dip or two of cold, creamy custard at Not Licked Yet: a custard and sandwich stand — and so much more — that’s been an institution in the area since 1982. Owners Susie […]

  • Behind the Lyrics: “Begin” by Jeanne Kuhns

    Every song has multiple meanings: one for the songwriter and another for every listener who hears it. And sometimes those meanings are completely different. This is something local folk musician and artist Jeanne Kuhns learned in high school when a teacher asked the class what Paul McCartney’s song “Yesterday” was about. Every student had ideas […]

  • The Fairytale Cabins of Chapel Lane

    Just south of Baileys Harbor is a small stretch of road that’s much like the Door peninsula itself: not on the way to anything — a destination unto itself. The dead-end road is tree lined and quiet, and walking there feels like stepping into a fairy tale. What makes this road so unusual are the […]

  • The Ice Age Trail: Door County’s ‘Living Museum’

    Photography by Brett Kosmider When I first heard it, the term “National Scenic Trail” conjured up images of vast mountain ranges and sweeping sunsets. Defined as a continuous trail that is 100 miles or longer and that provides “outstanding recreational opportunity,” the distinction of being named a National Scenic Trail belongs to only 11 trails […]

  • Door to Nature: Cavity-Nesting Birds

    Photography by Roy Lukes Many who enjoy the natural beauty of Door County are birdwatchers, or “birders.” We look for native species and know which territories each bird prefers, but we’re also excited to find unusual migrants.  Having a bluebird trail with 21 nest boxes set in habitats that attract these beautiful creatures causes me […]

  • Cleaning Out the Icebox

    One-pan skillet meals to excite the tastebuds Summer is here, and this year — more than any other — it feels really special. The warm breezes, the open windows, the smell of the lake — these are all things I cherish. They feel so much bigger this year than in years past.  This past year […]

  • Dalgona Coffee

    Here’s how to join the whipped-coffee craze The caffeine trend during the COVID-19 quarantine period turned out to be an internet and Instagram recipe-gone-viral for a whipped sensation called dalgona coffee.  Its origin can be tied to South Korean YouTubers who used the term “dalgona” to describe the drink. Dalgona is the name for a […]

  • Carving Liquid: Windsurfing and kiteboarding in Door County

    The breath of life is in the sunlight, and the hand of life is in the wind.  — Kahlil Gibran Wind, in myriad ways, defines this county. It has shaped the shorelines, facilitated economic booms over the centuries and created a playground for visitors and locals alike. The wind — elusive or steady, both sweet […]

  • Museum with a Mission

    Ephraim’s fire house museum tells the story of a dedicated firefighting family Tucked into the cliffs of the Village of Ephraim, and across the street from the shimmering waters of Green Bay, the Ephraim Fire House Museum stands as a memorial to the firefighters who have risked their lives over the years.  It also serves […]

  • Planting for the Future at Gathering Ground

    For Russell and Alessandra Rolffs, life on the farm on Washington Island started as a one-summer deal: a no-obligation taste of a simmering idea of combining agriculture with education. But once they got their hands dirty, it became harder to pry them out of the soil.  They were recruited to the island from Milwaukee by […]

  • The Author Behind the Name: Romance Writer Bob Rogers

    Bob Rogers may be the most prolific Door County author you’ve never heard of. Of the nearly 30 books he’s had published, only one bears his name — sort of.  “When I wrote my first book, All These Splendid Sins, I used the name Lee Rogers, which is my middle name,” Rogers said. Why not […]

  • A Changing Landscape: Pushing traditional boundaries at the Door County Plein Air Festival

    Consider any of the following: a sunrise over Baileys Harbor, a sunset over Eagle Harbor, sailboats floating lazily in Sister Bay, families swarming Wilson’s Restaurant & Ice Cream Parlor in Ephraim, or an old, red barn on a country road. All of these visions of summertime in Door County are captured daily on cameras and […]