Door County Living Summer 2022 – Volume 20, Issue 2

In this issue

  • Walking on Water

    It looks like a surfboard, paddles like a kayak and is one of the most accessible ways to explore Door County’s waters. At an initial investment of less than $200 on the low end, stand-up paddleboards (SUPs) provide the foundation for one of the more approachable and budget-friendly water sports. The SUP’s wide base makes […]

  • Forging a New Identity

    The arts renaissance in Sturgeon Bay For years, Sturgeon Bay residents have rolled their eyes at the visitors who think Door County doesn’t start until you reach Egg Harbor. But as the city evolves, that impression is changing.  The biggest part of this evolution may be the growth of the arts in Sturgeon Bay during […]

  • Lily-Family Flowers

    This family of common wild and domestic plants is easy to identify because typical flowers are in parts of three or six, and the leaves are parallel veined. One of the most well known is the giant trillium of spring deciduous woodlands. This is the only flower in the group that does not have tepals.  […]

  • Letting the Light In

    Container home mixes modern and traditional While the south light is great for living, the north light is good for making artwork,” Cathy Hoke explained as she showed me around her home.  That Hoke designed her home to get light from opposing directions is emblematic of the project as a whole. The house is a […]

  • Editor’s Note: Living Up to the Name

    You are opening the 20th summer edition of Door County Living magazine.  The other day I sat on the couch in our office, flipping through our archives, catching the names of some of the writers and artisits I’ve been lucky enough to rest a byline near over the years. Jim Lundstrom, Roy and Charlotte Lukes, […]

  • Eating Fresh: Simple Summer Salads

    The lazy days of summer are upon us, with the warm, southern breezes coming off the bay and lake, and lots of sunshine. Along with the summer heat, we in Door County are also “blessed” with Midwestern humidity. Let’s be honest: It gets hot here!  During these long-awaited “dog days” of summer, you can typically […]

  • All Aboard!: PC Junction is a Playground for All Ages

    If you’ve ever witnessed someone having lunch at PC Junction for the first time – or if you think back to your own first visit – then you know how difficult it is to choose a favorite moment.  Outside, an array of activities – from racing pedal carts through the woods to visiting a friendly […]

  • Moving History: David DeVooght relocates Little Sister Resort

    The first dim light of morning is only beginning to stretch over the Sister Bay water tower March 8, but David DeVooght and his 18-person crew have already been on-site for an hour, preparing the first of four buildings they would move that day.  Workers from Wisconsin Public Service are beginning the task of disconnecting […]

  • Golf by Design: Modern Marvels and Bootstrapped Courses

    This is the second installment in a two-part look at the people behind the design of Door County’s 10 golf courses. Part one was published in the Early Summer edition of Door County Living. Read part 1 here>> Door County’s most prestigious clubs and the nine-hole tracks designed for leisurely family outings have one thing […]

  • A Life of Building: John Sawyer is still helping youth and businesses

    Entrepreneurs talk about “giving back” to the community. But John Sawyer doesn’t need to talk: He’s all action.  Sawyer has spent most of his days building homes, launching businesses and helping others to attain their dreams, but he’s also made time to teach sports to children, coach high schoolers and develop youth programs.  The Egg […]

  • Local Fire: Buy Your Campfire Wood Where You Plan to Burn It

    Spending time around a crackling fire is a celebrated staple of summer, and whether you’re a camping enthusiast or a backyard boss, it’s important to buy wood where you plan to burn it.  Purchasing wood locally is essential in helping to prevent the spread of invasive species such as the emerald ash borer. This green-hued […]

  • A Little Sweet, A Little Spicy: Daiquiris and Margaritas

    Daiquiris and margaritas are two of summer’s staple drinks, but if you know them only as the blended versions that every busy bartender hates to make, it’s time to give them a new, simpler twist.  Serving these recipes at your next summer soirée will impress your guests – and with just a few ingredients! Classic […]

  • Building a Board Book

    How motherhood inspired Sally Collins to write As a girl, Sally Collins would send letters to Pleasant Company – the publishers of the American Girl doll series – offering her writing services and storytelling prowess. Although the company never took the 10-year-old up on her offer, Collins eventually realized her dream of getting her work […]