Door County Living Winter 2018/2019 – Volume 16 Issue 4

In this issue

  • Roughing the Trails of Door Bluff Headlands County Park

    A winter hike at Door Bluff Headlands County Park provides spectacular views.

  • Breathing a Little Life into the ‘Dead of Winter’

    Editor’s Note Would anyone else like to know the name of the dour sourpuss who first used the unfortunate term “dead of winter?” That person I blame for all the bad PR that has been shoveled on the beautiful and blameless season of winter. Largely because of that warped idiomatic expression, we wrongly continue to […]

  • Door to Nature: Snow, Ice and Jack Frost

    Photography by Roy Lukes One of the great joys of living in the North Country is watching a “mega-flake” snowfall. It was in mid-February 1985 when such an event began. The flakes were huge, flat and fell with very little wind, making them drift down like chicken feathers, as our good friend Ted Kubicz described […]

  • How Forestville Got Its Name

    Sometimes it’s not so much about how a place got its name as it is about who gave it the name. And if those names seem obvious or without imagination, you have to remember that the folks who gave the names to places on this peninsula were pioneers trying to hew subsistence existence and, eventually, […]

  • Poetry Lessons: A dinner and reading with United States Poet Laureate Tracy K. Smith

    Earlier this year, after the big April snowstorm and when the snow was beginning to melt, I came across a dead coyote atop a rock wall next to the highway. The image was striking, powerful, unsettling. I saw it for only a split second as I was driving by, but many questions came to mind: […]

  • Pot Pie

    These delectable, savory pies are the epitome of cold-weather deliciousness. When the chill of winter settles in, I like to crank up the oven and get down to business. The finished product will warm your tummy — and quite literally your kitchen — in the making. Pot pies have been traced back to ancient Greece, […]

  • No Winter Doldrums at the Peninsula School of Art

    On the third Saturday of the month, it’s very likely that Sarah Martin of Ephraim and her children — Chase, age eight, and Josie, 10 — will be participating in Family Art Days at the Peninsula School of Art in Fish Creek. “For years we have taken advantage of Family Art Days,” Martin said of […]

  • Jay Kita: A Tough Guy with a Huge Heart

    It’s a typical spring morning in Northern Door. At 7 am, perhaps the early-bird tourists are out for a foggy jog as the sun is climbing off Lake Michigan’s horizon. Maybe a Gills Rock fisherman is checking his nets, or the high school students are stirring in their beds with graduation on the brain. And […]

  • McMahons Create a Scene in Baileys Harbor at Door County Brewing Co. Music Hall

    It’s routine for a touring band to hit certain staple cities on a Midwest tour: Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison and the Twin Cities. Door County, on the other hand, isn’t a place you can just pass through: it’s a deliberate destination that requires added hours on the road just to reach the peninsula, let alone travel […]

  • Hatch Harbor Elixirs: A Winning Winter Cocktail Combo

    Recently I witnessed a bartender “dry shake” ingredients in order to create a beautiful, creamy-looking cocktail with a frothy head. Ever since, I’ve been itching to try the technique myself. “Dry shaking” involves vigorously shaking an egg white with chosen cocktail ingredients in a cocktail shaker sans ice, preferably at room temperature. This ensures the […]

  • The Pleated House

    When MaryGrace Quinlan decided to build a getaway on her family’s property in Whitefish Bay, she had a high creative bar to clear. After all, in 1950 her father had built the family cottage down the road, followed by one of the state’s most curious homes a few driveways south in 1978. Some call it […]

  • A Half-century of Building Ships at Fincantieri Bay Shipbuilding

    In October 1975, at the age of 18 and fresh out of high school, Dave Dart started a job at Bay Shipbuilding and had the privilege of working on the first 1,000-foot vessel that the company built in Sturgeon Bay. “My first job was putting together the inner bottoms for the Belle River. You start […]

  • Christmas in July: Inside Door County’s Year ‘Round Holiday Stores

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year. For most, that phrase is synonymous with the month of December and the days and weeks leading up to Christmas, but some niche retailers infuse their daily lives — and those of their loyal customers — with holiday merriment all year long. Besides being the most popular […]