Door County Living Winter 2019/2020 – volume 17 issue 4


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Volume 17 Issue 4

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In this issue

  • In Search of Amos Lovejoy

    Over the years, I’ve talked to a number of folks who are deeply entrenched in the maritime industry up here, and during those discussions, a name has come up time and time again. A name that piqued my interest enough to pull me into the archives and, believe it or not, got me to pick […]

  • Layers of Love: Classic lasagna

    Lasagna is layers and layers of cheesy, saucy, meaty, gooey deliciousness: a decadent meal that will leave you satisfied. It takes a bit of time to pull together, but it’s a worthwhile labor of love. Because it’s a one-pan dish, it’s easy to make ahead and freeze, easy to transport and easy to love as […]

  • Editor’s Note: Winter Should Be A Time to Write

    We set our clocks back this week. It was a reminder that our deadline for this issue was fast approaching. I told myself that I would write this column well in advance of our press date. That I would surprise the staff, and for the first time in the 17-year history of the publication, I […]

  • The Cabins of Jack Opitz

    If you were to drive around Door County with Jack Opitz, he would be able to point out 40 or more old log cabins that are left from the days when the Europeans settled here. They wouldn’t look like log cabins to the untrained eye, but Opitz can see them clearly. “There are several clues […]

  • This Old Store: Rural groceries were once centers of small-town life

    They once dotted the countryside and villages of northern Door County: the little grocery stores that met so many needs. In the days when many families had no automobile — or women did not drive — homemakers depended on a store being within walking distance. They needed a shop where they could send a child […]

  • Gary Jones’ Memoir Captures A Disappearing Way of Life

    If writing a memoir is akin to capturing life’s fleeting moments on the page, then Gary Jones’ new book, Ridge Stories: Herding Hens, Powdering Pigs, and Other Recollections from a Boyhood in the Driftless, is time stoppered in a glass vacuum milk bottle. The memoir, a series of reflections, relies on the historically specific experience […]

  • The Artist’s Life: Door County Studio-Gallery Owners Reflect on Their Creative Space

    Potter Jeanne Aurelius still laughs when she recalls the phone call more than four decades ago that would put her on Door County’s arts map. It was 1975, and Jeanne and her husband, David, had just returned to Decorah, Iowa, from a visit to Door County and Ephraim’s Townline Art Fair. As a young, artistic […]

  • The Works of Jim Rose

    In the most unassuming area, amid farmland and fields of wildflowers, is an old creamery in Kolberg, Wisconsin. It’s there that you’ll find the highly skilled and well-known artist Jim Rose.  For the last 20 years, Rose and his family have called this area in southern Door County home. He works in the former creamery, […]

  • Chasing Winter

    Volunteers keep snowmobile trails alive Door County summers are best known for big crowds and long days on the water or in the woods, but there are a hearty — and hardy — few who work hard during the summer to live well during the winter. Perhaps no group chases this lifestyle more than snowmobilers. […]

  • Sage Conrad’s Journey Home

    A young artist hangs a shingle from a garage in Baileys Harbor Making and selling cheerleader-style denim skirts to her friends in fifth grade was a precursor to Sage Conrad’s career. She always knew she wanted to have her own business, but she said that the chance to open a shop — and one in […]

  • Soundtrack of the Peninsula

    Radio pros share how they make their mix Even in the age of Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming services, Door County radio stations remain important contributors to community life and the sound of the county. Here, Door County Living goes behind the scenes to find out how songs are selected and learn what happens […]

  • Featured Accommodation: Newport Resort

    A Family Getaway for All Seasons Interior photos by Len Villano. Newport Resort in Egg Harbor works hard to make visits extra special for all of its guests. For example, when did you last receive your very own pumpkin when you checked in to a hotel? Or a pie? Or an Easter basket? These are […]

  • Door to Nature: Woodpeckers of Door County

    Photos by Roy Lukes Which animal has a hammer and chisel, a telegraph key for advertising, crampons and scaffolding to aid in climbing, built-in shock absorbers and even a face mask to keep dust out of its lungs? Obviously the creature in question is the woodpecker. Its beak is an efficient chisel, coupled with strong […]

  • Door County Alumni Profile: Jeremy Kodanko, Sevastopol Class of 1993

    If you’ve ever wondered what cancer research looks like, it’s a lot brighter than you might think. Jeremy Kodanko, an associate professor and associate chair in the Department of Chemistry at Wayne State University in Detroit, has a research lab focused on organic, inorganic and medicinal chemistry.  One aspect of his research there focuses on […]

  • More Than Exercise

    Biking is a way of life for Deb Neuville Photos by Len Villano It’s not easy to keep up with Deb Neuville. It’s not just that she bikes at speeds of up to 19 and a half miles per hour. Or that the week before our conversation, she had logged 237 miles. Even when she’s […]

  • The More, the Merrier: A Christmas Party Punch

    Experienced holiday hosts know better than to burden themselves with a feature cocktail that requires single-serve preparation because merry-making is much more enjoyable when guests’ drinks can be served on the go – but that doesn’t mean they have to be of the whiskey-and-Coke variety.  Here’s a flavorful batch cocktail that will pair well with […]