Door County Living Winter 2021-22 – Volume 19, Issue 4

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Volume 19 Issue 4

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In this issue

  • Ice Biking in Door County

    Brad Lindenberg, a Sister Bay ice fisherman, once shared an inspiring take on what can seem like a desolate winter life here. He called the snow-covered bay the “white sand beach.” “All these people spend millions on their waterfront homes and pay thousands in property taxes, and in the winter we get it all for […]

  • Blind Kitchen Sink Challenge

    Experimenting in the kitchen with friends This is an idea, a concept, a creative way to bring friends together to share in a meal. It was born in the world of mothers: busy, working mothers finding companionship after grabbing whatever ingredients were in their refrigerator and pantry, contributing them to a pool and meeting up […]

  • The Pursuit of Curiosity: The art and adventures of Seth Taylor

    Seth Taylor’s studio in Sturgeon Bay appears to belong to many artists. Lifelike portraits are strewn about a table alongside caricatures of politicians; several loose-lined ink drawings of animals — deer, horses, sturgeon — take up an entire wall; a watercolor is beginning to take shape on an easel near the window; and brightly colored […]

  • America’s Greatest Unknown Poet: Lorine Niedecker

    Lorine Niedecker (1903-70), who has been called “America’s greatest unknown poet,” lived almost her entire life in Wisconsin. Many of her poems were inspired by the wildlife, the water and the people in and around her home on Blackhawk Island (which is not actually an island, but a flood-prone peninsula near Lake Koshkonong, southeast of […]

  • Door to Nature: Winter Birds of Prey

    The winter avian landscape is usually much quieter than the summer breeding season. Bird activity during the winter is mainly to find enough food and seek shelter from predators. With few insects available to eat, it’s important to provide seeds and suet for both the bird visitors from the north and the year-round residents such […]

  • Stavkirke Honors Washington Islanders’ Heritage

    Embellished with a dark wood stain, scalloped shingles and intricate carvings, one destination on Washington Island looks like a structure from another era. The Stavkirke honors Washington Island heritage — not as an original structure built by Scandinavian settlers, but as a modern creation inspired by history. A sense of community drove the idea for […]

  • What Is Pond Hockey?

    Most hockey players don’t learn the game inside an arena. Their love affair with a pair of skates, a stick and a puck often starts outside on a patch of ice in the backyard, at an outdoor community rink or on the unpredictable ice of a frozen pond. That’s where Brian Fitzgerald fell in love […]

  • The Bird Whisperer: Rob Hults

    You may know the “birdman” of Baileys Harbor, but do you know the one in Jacksonport? Jacksonport has become known for birds, but not the kind that Albert Zahn carved out of wood at Birds Park in the nearby Bird City of Baileys Harbor.  Past the winding gravel entrance off County Road I, the calls […]

  • The Pioneer: Architect Virge Temme

    High-performance home designer and architect Virge Temme has officially retired — but not from convincing people that the world can be changed one house at a time When I pulled into the gravel drive leading to the home of architect Virge Temme, she was outside rummaging in the back of her Dodge Ram City Van. […]

  • Photo Essay: A Story of Ice

    With a few rare exceptions, Lake Michigan’s Green Bay freezes over every winter, usually for eight to 12 weeks or more. It’s one of only a handful of places on the Great Lakes where this happens on a regular basis.  Depending on the speed and severity of the freeze, ice can form to a thickness […]

  • Alumni Profile: Dan Austad

    After 60 years in leadership positions, sometimes Dan Austad just likes to be a kid again. The 1959 Sturgeon Bay High School graduate has had a lifelong passion for wooden-model and toy building.  “When some men get into their 50s and 60s, they may revert to doing some of the things that they wish they […]

  • Curiosity: The Man above the Bar at the Bowl

    You might sit at the Sister Bay Bowl’s bar dozens of times before you notice it. Tucked up high behind the upper cabinet on the north side of the bar, a single picture hangs. Just a man in a bomber jacket, hands on his hips, with a beautiful sunset of purples, oranges and pinks behind […]

  • Editor’s Note: Friends Season

    The first time I heard the term “Friends Season” was during the early days of winter in 2017. Kendall Johnson was prepping my wife for her first winter in Door County, and I thought at first that Kendall was simply putting my wife through the peninsula spin cycle to make sure she stuck around.  Certainly, […]