Early Summer 2003 – volume 1 issue 1

Brad Massey

David Eliot

Associate Editor
Sara Massey

Photography Director
Dan Eggert

Contributing Photographers
Roger Kuhns, Brad Massey

Seth Wessler

Contributing Editors
Vinni Chomeau, Neil Edmonds, Rebecca Funk, Jane Hillstrom, Madeline Johnson, Elizabeth Kuhns, Roger Kuhns, Joe Peterman, Janet Woods

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In this issue

  • Gold Driver, Golf, Door County

    Memory of a Swing

    Every year around this time, faced with another summer season of golf, I swear that I am going to take some lessons. Every year, June eventually passes without an appointment with a local golf pro. The same yearly excuse seems to be responsible for my failure to seek to some professional guidance: “I don’t want […]

  • Reflections: Summer Kitchen with Gary Sheuerman

    Knowing the summer season is nearing full swing, Door County Restaurant owner Gary Sheuerman is preparing for less free time and more work.  Living on his ranch just outside of Ephraim, he busies himself raising his four mules and three horses as well as working on the landscape of his ranch. This summer he plans […]

  • Thwarting The “Door County Potato”

    Thin, rocky soil is probably the most common challenge for peninsula gardeners. Although a few areas have the good fortune of deeper soils, most of the northern portion of the county has a very thin layer of soil over the bedrock. Often, even this little soil is of poor quality and shovels are frequently stopped […]

  • Fresh Catch

    Those families with a long history of fishing are known well on the peninsula. Names like Teskie, Weborg, Hickey, Henriksen, Saunders, Johnson, and a number of others have kept the commercial fishing business alive through the many fickle seasons such a lifestyle brings. Door County commercial fisheries now ship whitefish and chubs to markets in […]

  • A Potter’s Haven: The Tradition and Art of Pottery in Door County

    Ask anyone who’s been to a pottery studio in Door County and they will probably tell you two things about their experience. First, they’ll tell you that making pottery is more complicated than one might think. It requires dexterity, skill, and an intimate knowledge of clay and glaze combinations, firing techniques, science and art. The […]

  • Water Bound

    What I remember most about the trips is the sense of awe I felt. The open sea, the waves, and the weight of the wind against the sails enchanted me as we were pulled toward some unseen shore. With it, of course, came stress. I can vividly recall my mother’s face turning white during a […]

  • Morel Mushrooms

    Spring and summer tend to arrive on the Door Peninsula somewhat later than they do in the rest of the country. People who pine for warm days before June are usually granted a few, but the 45th parallel that pierces through the middle of the county tends to repel eighty-degree weather until July. The cold […]

  • Pamela Murphy, Door County Living, Door County, artist, Door County artist, art

    Trapped & Rescued

    The pictorial effects and unanswered questions emanating from Pamela Murphy’s paintings suggest she should be in New York, Chicago or Los Angeles. Instead art collectors from these cities purchase her work while visiting Door County, knowing they have discovered an artist whose work extends past the county’s landscapes to suggest something more familiar. It is […]

  • Finding a Trail

    What’s outside in Door County? The answer to this question has inspired millions of visitors, hundreds of ecologists, several conservation organizations, and a few famous naturalists to explore the county’s beautiful hiking trails and to preserve as many natural areas as possible. The county offers many beautiful landscapes and ecosystems including lush green forests, graceful […]