Early Summer 2009 – volume 7 issue 1

Editor: Madeline Johnson

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Artist: Nik Garvoille

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In this issue

  • Introducing “Wild” Asparagus

    Popping out of the pages of Paul and Marilyn Mahlberg’s fantastic little book, Wildflowers of Door County, are Marilyn’s lively watercolor renderings of the peninsula’s treasure trove of plants. Enshrined on page 116 is the tasty little gem, Asparagus officinale! However, in Paul’s succinct description of the plant appears a word that raises an eyebrow […]

  • In Love with Food & Wine: Twenty Years of the Mission Grille

    Fine dining can be intimidating. There is a perception that the wait staff will be snooty, the sommelier will talk down to you and the atmosphere will be stuffy. That is a misconception that the Mission Grille has successfully turned on its ear for the past 20 seasons. Diners are greeted with more than just […]

  • Have Clubs Will Travel

    As a frequent business traveler, I can tell you that the thrill of flying the “friendly skies” is gone. The full-body frisking at TSA doesn’t exactly get things off to a good start, and I could certainly do without the over-caffeinated flight attendants slinging stale pretzels for $5.95. For golfers, the ordeal is even worse. […]

  • A Story of Roots: Anderson House Museum and Corner of the Past

    For four decades the property sat quietly on the corner of Highway 57 and Fieldcrest Road, visited only by ghosts and those drawn to taking photos of homes in decay. It was the sort of decrepit building that spurs the mind to wander, and wonder. What made its owners abandon the property? Something sad? Something […]

  • Southern Door County’s Belgian Wayside Chapels

    Along the roadsides of southern Door County, in the heart of the Belgian-American settlement, an observant traveler might notice small unobtrusive buildings standing slightly apart from a brick farmhouse or painted red barn. These simple structures, built of wood and adorned with a cross on the roof or above the door, could easily be mistaken […]

  • Taking It to the Bridge: Steel Bridge Songfest

    Door County’s reputation as a haven for the arts is strong and far-reaching; each year, the peninsula lures countless artists and non-artists alike with its vibrant art and music scene. But long before the days of galleries, potteries, and outdoor theaters, visitors were drawn to the peninsula by its vital position in the Great Lakes, […]

  • Silent Revolution: Door County’s silent sports community gaining traction

    After the spring thaw, a narrow trail hides beneath the matted bed of leaves on the floor of Peninsula State Park. The air is crisp, the trees are still, and the silence of the forest is disturbed only by the rustle of a breeze through the lightly burdened branches of blossoming sugar maples, basswoods and […]

  • The Big Ones That Don’t Get Away: The Sturgeon Bay Open Bass Tournament

    “The Small Mouth Bass,” said fisherman Don Hewkin of Zion, Illinois, “are what bring me.” He and his fishing partner Dave Davis have entered the Sturgeon Bay Open Bass Tournament every year since 1994. The contest is an annual event on the weekend following Mother’s Day. Hewkin likes the number of fish in the bay […]

  • Maintaining Native Landscapes

    The Door Peninsula is a special place, blessed with a great diversity of landscapes, natural habitats and biology. In a short jaunt, one can venture from dry, towering cliffs with sweeping vistas of Green Bay to low, wet swales near the Lake Michigan shore that are dense with cedars and lush with ferns and orchids. […]

  • Take the Lake: Algoma’s Flying Pig Gallery & Greenspace

    If spending part of your hard-earned vacation inside of an art gallery is far from your idea of the perfect day, one stop at The Flying Pig Gallery & Greenspace just might change your mind:  about galleries, about art, and about what constitutes a perfect vacation day. With a freshly-brewed cup of coffee from the […]

  • From “God” to “Doc”: Greg Vinkler

    Greg Vinkler has had a constant stage presence at Peninsula Players Theatre for over 20 years. His body of work is broad and his roles in the off season have taken him around the globe. Although the Players enjoy large audiences all summer long, few people are aware of the quality actors our local theater […]

  • “A Slow Sip to Fully Savor”: The Art of Bonnie Paruch

    On the back wall of Bonnie Paruch’s Sister Bay studio, about 20 oil and pastel paintings hang, lovingly framed in gold, full of shapes big and small, of colors bold and subdued. They are of streets and landscapes, café scenes and still lifes – and they look like they are ready to go out to […]

  • THE Farm: A Living Museum of Rural America

    I first went to THE Farm in 2003 or 2004, having avoided it for many years; I had ignorantly assumed it was some sort of hokey petting zoo for kids, and I hadn’t had kids yet. I agreed to go only because my cousin and his young daughter, Scarlett, were in town – THE Farm […]

  • Orioles: Frequent local feeders

    Article by Roy Lukes So many people we’ve talked with in recent years enjoy excellent numbers of Baltimore Orioles at their feeders each late spring and summer. Apparently, it was in previous years that the orioles had good nesting success in our region, enjoyed favorable wintering conditions with adequate food in the South, and experienced […]