Early Summer 2010 – volume 8 issue 1

Editor: Madeline Johnson

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Copy Editor: Allison Vroman

Photography Director: Dan Eggert

Artist: Nik Garvoille

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In this issue

  • A Century of Change, a Century Unchanged

    This story begins in 1910, a year remote to all but a handful of centenarians and those avid students of history. A year when the great pitcher, Cy Young, recorded his 500th victory in Major League Baseball; when South Africa became a republic; when Father’s Day was celebrated for the first time; when the world […]

  • For Love of the Players: 75 Years and Counting

    Once upon a time, there was a beautiful little theater in the woods, in a quaint place called Fish Creek. The theater sprang up in 1935 from the passions of a brother and sister, Richard and Caroline Fisher, but soon the whole family got involved. Mama Fisher made up the costumes and meals for the […]

  • Building a Nest Box

    At least 85 species of North American birds either excavate nesting holes, use cavities resulting from decay (natural cavities), or use holes created by other species in live, dead, or deteriorating trees for their home. Species such as woodpeckers, swallows, wrens, bluebirds, nuthatches and owls, to name a few, are cavity nesters. Heading the list […]

  • Canine Gourmet

    Since the inception of the “On Your Plate” department in Door County Living, it has been the usual custom for a restaurant, chef, or local food to be featured. Of course, while going out to various eateries of the peninsula might seem commonplace to us, our pets who are stuck at home might ask (if […]

  • Savory Leek, Gorgonzola, and Bacon Custards

    Leeks, with their mild and sweet onion flavor, do not often find their way onto our tables, except in soups, like potato-leek soup and its cool French cousin, vichyssoise. These rich, savory custards, however, showcase the subtle sweetness of leeks, brought out by the mellow tang of Gorgonzola cheese and the salty, smokiness of bacon. […]

  • Fun, Casual and Familiar

    For me, JJ’s/La Puerta is the closest I’ll ever come to Cheers:  when I walk in, I usually know the names of many of the customers as well as staff, and vice-versa. If I order a margarita, Dave knows to make it “on the rocks with no salt,” or, if I order the Mexican beer […]

  • Inside The Ropes at The Masters

    To most golf fans around the world, the first sure sign that the new golf season is underway is the virtually commercial-free television coverage of the Masters in April. America’s most prestigious of the four PGA majors, the Masters holds a sense of magic and mystique that is “a tradition unlike any other” as the […]

  • Spring Cleaning on the Lake Floor

    The Door County maritime community grinds to a wintery halt save the few hearty souls that shore up ships, break icy water routes and haul gill nets laden with fish. In order for much of this activity to go on, a small but hardened labor force works to dredge channels, boat basins and harbors, from […]

  • Door County’s Most Significant Architectural Find

    You’ve heard of amazing discoveries – a long-lost Rembrandt revealed beneath an amateur’s landscape or a signed first edition of Hemingway buried in a box of old books from an estate sale. Now Door County has a “find” of its own that is attracting attention statewide and is almost sure to earn a spot on […]

  • Reggaebilly Soulgrass

    If it’s later than 5:00 pm and the Door County snow has melted, chances are that somewhere – not too far away – Nick Steingart is making music. Follow the sound of mandolins, violins, banjos, guitars and harmonicas; join the crowd, sit back and enjoy the show. For many locals, the first spotting of Steingart’s […]

  • Changes and Constants in Health Care Delivery

    In the winter of 1864, tugboat Captain Robert Noble’s legs froze during a stay on Washington Island. Gangrene developed and Noble desperately needed medical attention as his condition deteriorated. A physician, Dr. Farr, happened to be in Sturgeon Bay looking over mill property that he was considering for purchase. The visiting doctor was quickly summoned […]

  • Small Town Girl Runs with the Big Dogs

    Most elite runners arrive at events wearing high tech running gear in the company of their personal trainers and coaches. Wendi Ray travels with her parents and carries gloves that sometimes have holes in them. But unlike some of her picture perfect competition, Ray is one of the top women marathoners in the United States; […]

  • Spring Ephemeral Wildflowers

    I began to learn and enjoy spring wildflowers in early childhood in one of my dad’s favorite woods bordering the Kewaunee River, close to his home farm near Slovan. These are still among my favorites today; included are the Hepatica, Trout Lily, Large-flowered Trillium, Bloodroot, Spring Beauty, Dutchman’s Breeches, several different violets and Wild Ginger. […]

  • Opening the Door Wider to Kayakers

    With its ample shoreline and waterways, Door County makes for a natural destination for paddle sport enthusiasts. From Cave Point to Kangaroo Lake and from the Sturgeon Bay canal to the Mink River, Door County holds wonderful treasures for those who like to explore the great outdoors via canoeing and kayaking. In fact, the kayaking […]

  • Struggle for a Stage: Remembering the Fight to Build the Door Community Auditorium

    Johnny Cash. Victor Borge. Harry Belafonte. Ray Charles. Willie Nelson. Chubby Checker. They are among the biggest names in entertainment of the last half century. Thanks to the vision and belief of a persistent few more than 20 years ago, they’ve also performed for audiences in Fish Creek at the Door Community Auditorium (DCA). Today, […]