Early Summer 2013 – volume 11 issue 1

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In this issue

  • What Came First: The Chicken or the Eggs?

    Raising chickens on a small scale has been trending ever since commercial chicken farming protocols have been brought to our attention. More and more often I hear of families and individuals bringing food production back home. People are paying attention to what they put in their body, and they are jumping on the chicken train […]

  • Recipe: Chickens, Eggs & Quiche

    Quiche, simply defined, is a savory egg pie or custard. Quiches are delicious and are so versatile – they can be pie-sized or individual bite–size morsels and can be made the day of an event or parbaked and frozen. Quiche is great for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It can be eaten cold or warm, which […]

  • “Baker”

    I’ve been here, on the island, forever. My grandparents. Their grandparents. Sometime back then, somebody came from Iceland. That woulda been the 1870s, I guess. Somethin’ like that. Somebody else, a Yankee, from Gloucester. That’s true for most of us here, some variation of it, and one way or another, most are related. Some say […]

  • Beside Every Great Golfer is a Great Caddy

    As difficult as the game of golf may seem, the Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmers and your local club champion can generally set up the foundation of a golf victory. After all, they are the ones making the swings, taking the strokes and holing the putts — making it seem effortless every step of the way. […]

  • Peninsula’s Vita Course

    Let’s face it:  working out in a gym can get pretty dull sometimes. The incandescent lighting, the sterile machinery, the four walls, the TVs that are on but don’t actually produce any sound. All of it combined can make working out feel like, well, a lot of work, rather than something enjoyable. Now imagine all […]

  • Lake Levels 101: Where is the Water?

    The lake was more than a foot higher in spring 2012 than spring 2013. The long-term average level of the lake is more than two feet higher than it is now. So go to a beach and stand at the point where the water meets the land. Imagine the waves raised by a foot, rolling […]

  • Len Villano

    Horseshoe Bay Farms Still Stands Tall

    On April 6, 1946, new father Charles Richard stopped into George LeMere’s Egg Harbor barbershop looking for a haircut and a lead on a job. “Al Erickson’s hiring down at Horseshoe Bay Farms,” LeMere told him. Charles drove down Horseshoe Bay Road to the farm, found Mr. Erickson, and was promptly offered a job. “Can […]

  • Len Villano

    A House of Straw

    Before I met my husband, I had heard little of straw bale home construction. To be frank, the thought of building my home entirely from straw caused me to feel strangely akin to the most ill-advised of the three little pigs. Surely, my husband Joel had heard that story and knew that the only logical […]

  • From Soldier to Marketer

    Ten years ago, Michelle Rasmusson was at war. As part of the 432nd Civil Affairs Battalion, her set of boots was one of the first 90,000 to hit the ground in Iraq as part of Operation: Iraqi Freedom. “The war actually started on my birthday,” said Michelle. “It’s always fun when you’re rolling into a […]

  • What the Cluck?: The Way of the Rhythm Chicken

    Inside the strange, twisted awesomeness that is Door County's Rhythm Chicken.

  • Photo by Len Villano

    Arnold Alaniz

    This spring, Arnold Alaniz will auction off “Autumn Twilight,” a piece of work depicting a peaceful Door County scene, featuring the distinctive pastel palette the seasoned artist is known for not only throughout the county, but the world. He describes his artwork as a “soft realism with a bit of romanticism.” “‘Autumn Twilight’ is a […]

  • Emily Steffen Photography

    The Door County Wedding

    There’s no place like Door County, and there’s no one like your sweetheart. So it’s not surprising that so many couples find their way up to the peninsula to tie the knot each year. Whether you’re looking for a simple ceremony or something lavish yet elegant, Door County can provide the perfect backdrop for your […]

  • The Wabi-Sabi of Woodwalk Gallery

    The leisurely spread of buildings at Woodwalk Gallery – a large barn, a few silos, an old farmhouse – are not unlike most of the structures on the Door Peninsula:  hardy, practical, and stolidly European. So Woodwalk co-owner Allin Walker readily admits the incongruity of adopting the Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi as the guiding principle […]

  • Roy Lukes

    Bloomin’ Trees & Shrubs

    Relatively few people realize that all trees produce flowers. Trees require flowers in order to produce seeds, simple as that. Most people can see and recognize apple and cherry blossoms. However, birches, maples and elms, whose blossoms are wind-pollinated and don’t require the help of insects for transferring pollen, have very inconspicuous flowers that are […]

  • Setting the Steakhouse Bar High

    When you name your new restaurant Chop, you set the expectation bar pretty high when it comes to delivering traditional American steakhouse cuisine. “We want to be the first choice for a great steak in Door County – period,” said Jody Wuollett, who owns and runs the Sister Bay restaurant with his wife, Patsy, and […]

  • Len Villano

    Fearless Homebrewing

    Have you tried this oak-casked triple black IPA brewed with monkey-picked coffee beans by three blind monks living in the basement of the Rock Island Lighthouse?” This may not be barstool conversation at the local tavern (yet), but it’s hard not to notice the increasing array of craft beer and spirits behind the bar. There […]