Early Summer 2016 – volume 14 issue 1

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In this issue

  • Len Villano, Tom Davis

    Spirits Born of Light: Poet Tom Davis

    “I’m not an American Indian,” Tom Davis told me at the beginning of our conversation. People might well assume that he is descended from an indigenous people, this writer who has worked for six different tribal colleges and universities in various leadership positions. As a boy growing up in Grand Junction, Colorado, young Tom was […]

  • Len Villano

    Shortcut to Door County’s Mushrooms

    Chicken of the woods. Puffball. Black trumpet. Yellow-footed chanterelle. The names of wild edible mushrooms that are found in the woods throughout the peninsula are as unique as the breed of hunters that harvest them in secret. They dot the wet forests, hiding under dead leaves and fallen trees, like nature’s treasure hunt. There are […]

  • Len Villano

    Door County: A Mecca for Anglers

    Last fall, Bassmaster held its Angler of the Year Championship in Sturgeon Bay, largely on the previous year’s rating of Door County as the nation’s top smallmouth bass fishery by Bassmaster magazine. That achievement, in turn, was due in no small part to the success of the Sturgeon Bay Open Bass Tournament (SBOBT), according to […]

  • Len Villano, Lorraine Mengert

    The Art-filled Life of Lorraine Mengert

    Twenty years ago, Lorraine Mengert provided the Door County community with a gift — a small, unassuming volume innocuously titled Door County’s Art History. Though diminutive, the book overflows with the names, places and stories that created and have nurtured Door County’s vibrant art culture and a large part of its identity since the early […]

  • Brett Kosmider

    Pudgy Pie: The Art of the Campfire Panini

    What is it that you crave? Versatility and creativity is the name of this family friendly dinner adventure. Dream it, build it, stuff it and toast it over the backyard campfire. Invoke patience, and wait. Pudgy pies are great because you can cater to the pickiest of eaters or the family epicurean. It truly is […]

  • Len Villano

    Wine Glass Guide

    While there are thousands of grape varietals and just about as many options for glasses to match all of these varietals, there are several everyday/popular varietals that most people consume on a regular basis. Listed below are the most popular options of glasses for the most popular varietals. The framework for each wine glass design […]

  • Washington Island vs. Beaver Island

    The island off the northern tip of the Door Peninsula was still in its infancy as a community 160 years ago. Small pockets of fishermen were just settling into the area, usually as squatters on land held by absentee owners, and lumbering was just beginning in earnest as steamers became regular features on the Great […]

  • Len Villano

    An Illusion of Space – The Remodeling Philosophy of Jacinda Duffin

    It’s fair to say that Jacinda Duffin has the heart of a nomad (albeit one with a limited home range), an eye for worthy projects, and the soul of a Girl Scout who leaves everything better than she found it. In the past five years, Duffin has made three major moves, all within the space […]

  • 50 Years at Bay Ridge Golf Course

    More than half a century ago, a desolate potato field sat in the view from Little Sister Hill on the north end of Ephraim. Rocks covered the dry grass that still flooded every spring. A few years later, rolls of golden hay dotted the field. Now, tall trees shade fairways and hide nine checkered flags […]

  • Len Villano

    An Artisan of Comfort: Furniture Maker Michael Doerr

    Michael Doerr talks as straight as he sits. Ask him what makes a good chair and you’ll get a straight answer, and a bit of advice. “Comfort. The primary function of a chair is comfort. If it’s not comfortable, don’t buy it.” It’s advice one would do well to heed, coming from a man who […]

  • Len Villano, Gladys Austgen

    Door County’s Piano Teacher

    Gladys Reeves Austgen, affectionately known as “Door County’s piano teacher,” had an unorthodox beginning to her career, growing up on one of the many truck farms in the area that’s called Rosemont today — around what is now Chicago O’Hare Airport. She and her older sister attended a two-room country school, where there were just […]

  • Roy Lukes

    The American Robin

    The largest thrush native to North America is the American Robin. Not many people know it was the early English colonists in America who gave the bird its name. No doubt they missed the birds and plants of their British homeland. The bird they remembered upon seeing our native thrush was the European Robin (Erithacus […]

  • Len Villano

    Community’s Best Friend: Parks for pooches

    Vacation is for the whole family and that often includes the dogs. With thousands of acres of public land and hundreds of miles of trails, it is a place for a dog to let loose and unwind as much as their owner. But in the past few years, local businesses and municipalities have been joining […]

  • Tammy Sternard

    Tammy Sternard

    When Tammy Sternard ran for Door County sheriff in 2014, she didn’t do it to be a groundbreaker. After more than 20 years in law enforcement, including many in leadership, she was ready for a new challenge and knew she had something to offer. Ultimately, she did break ground as the first woman and first […]