Late Summer 2008 – volume 6 issue 2

Publisher: Brad Massey

Editor: David Eliot

Associate Editors: Sara Massey, Madeline Johnson

Copy Editor: Allison Vroman

Photography Director: Dan Eggert

Contributing Editors: Kay McKinley Arneson, Lauren Bremer, Julia Chomeau, Emilie Coulson, Myles Dannhausen Jr., Jacinda Duffin, Dan Eggert, Mariah Goode, Roy Lukes, Megan O’Meara, Peder Nelson, Melissa Ripp, Jessica Sauter, Allison Vroman, Patty Williamson

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In this issue

  • Pull Up a Stool & Just Try to Clean a Plate: Door County Diners

    The byways of Door County were once dotted with drive-in restaurants, supper clubs, and greasy spoons that served cheap, home-cooked grub to the farmers, fruit-pickers, and families who flocked to the peninsula’s cooling shores. Over time their numbers have dwindled or styles changed to cater to the desires of a new clientele and compensate for […]

  • Competitive Camaraderie: Monday Night Golf League

    One of Door County’s finest attributes is its array of scenic golf courses. During our limited season you can find hundreds of people taking advantage of the miles and miles of beautifully-manicured fairways. What you may not be aware of is the competition between some of the players on those courses. Many of our area […]

  • Where Trinidad and Tobago Meet Door County: Birch Creek’s Percussion Session

    “Have you ever heard the music of the steel pan? It’s something that goes right through your chest.” That’s how Kate Rericha, Director of Marketing, PR and Grants, describes the intensity of the sound coming from more than a dozen young students playing steel pan and other percussion instruments in a milking shed on a […]

  • “Serving” the Community: Northern Door Volleyball

    Anyone who’s ever driven down County Highway A on a Wednesday night during summer has probably witnessed it. At one moment, you’re driving down a dark, unlit, and somewhat desolate highway surrounded by the crickets and moonlight, and then, all at once, like a beacon rising from the shadows, the volleyball courts appear. The sight […]

  • Creative Concrete: Poetry in Non-Motion

    “Boredom, really, is what started it all,” he says with a laugh. “Sheer boredom.” This is how Dylan Lauger, founder, owner and operator of Lauger Concrete of Sturgeon Bay, answers the question that everyone asks. Well-known for high quality, dependable, utilitarian flat work (that’s insider-speak for what we laypeople think of as concrete:  gray sidewalks, […]

  • Constructing a Boat of Your Own: Building a Wooden Kayak

    Lured by the surrounding waters and serene seascapes of the Door Peninsula, many visitors and residents are taking to the shore in kayaks. For most, a short jaunt in a synthetically constructed rental kayak is enough to whet the appetite; yet, for a select few building and paddling a wooden kayak is beyond compare. Surprisingly […]

  • Long-Legged & Long-Necked: The Herons of Door County

    Article by Roy Lukes It’s quite logical to assume that Door County, having more miles of shoreline than any other county in the continental U.S., would be home to many herons in summer – or at least during spring and fall migration. Rocky and sandy shores surely do abound, but marshes, rivers, vast mudflats and […]

  • The Cottage: Everything Old is New Again

    Cottage and home rentals, and the traditions that surround them, still abound in Door County. The old adage “the more things change, the more they stay the same” is true of many things in Door County, but is especially true about the history of cottage and vacation home rentals on the peninsula. Around the end […]

  • Ingert & Al

    I call Al and Ingert at home to set up an interview. Al answers, saying simply, “Al Johnson” – as always, no “hello,” nothing at all prefacing his name, his tone making you wonder if you’ve somehow already irritated him. (Which, maybe, you have:  he doesn’t like interruptions and he prefers dealing with people face-to-face […]

  • Protecting Door County’s Beaches

    In an era of growth pressure, private development has dominated the battle for access and control of Door County’s treasured shoreline over the past two decades. But the county’s public officials have mounted a powerful rebuke in recent years, launching an 11th-hour effort to secure and protect the peninsula’s beaches for generations to come. After […]

  • Glittering More than Diamonds: K. Allen Gallery

    It’s easy to imagine British author Terry Pratchett touring Door County on a summer afternoon, ambling along the lakeside of the peninsula, walking into one of Door County’s newest galleries and – appropriately and appreciatively awed – writing these words. Of course, unless Pratchett was some sort of time traveler, it is impossible for K. […]

  • Racing the Sun: The Door County Plein Air Festival

    Caution:  Taking in the second annual Door County Plein Air Festival could leave you breathless. First, there’s the beauty of the work of highly-regarded plein air (outdoor) painters. Next, there’s the dizzying schedule of events, from July 20th through August 2nd, hosted by the festival’s sponsor, Peninsula Art School, in Fish Creek. And then there’s […]

  • Pioneer Store, Dan Eggert

    The Center of Life in Ellison Bay

    The sign above the front porch has read Pioneer Store for 40 years, but if you ask almost any resident of Ellison Bay if you could find a needed item at Ruckert’s, they’d know just what you meant. And the answer would likely be “yes” – whether you were referring to the store of 2008 […]

  • Finding the Flavor of Life: Restaurant Saveur

    Combining classic French culinary training with a Chilean family history, and a Wisconsin upbringing with flavors inspired by travel around the world, William and Loreto Marks of Restaurant Saveur have created a unique and exciting new dining experience in downtown Baileys Harbor. As the  opportunity they had been searching for unexpectedly presented itself two winters […]