Late Summer 2009 – volume 7 issue 2

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In this issue

  • Blue Horse Bistro: A Partnership that Works

    Owning and operating a business is seldom an easy feat, especially when there’s more than one person involved. Blue Horse Bistro & Espresso owners Carina Helm and Eric Rasmusson readily admit that when they first started the ball rolling on their café, there was more than one person telling them that it would never work. […]

  • Celebrating 30 Years

    Next to the table where I interview Thor and Judy Thoreson in the back studio of Gills Rock Stoneware, there sits a tall ceramic pot, unfinished but already decorated with water birds and plants of a myriad of clear, bold colors. “It’s 46 inches tall,” Thor explains. “I’ve been exploring scale lately. These big pots […]

  • Opening the Lens

    Door County was the scene of a Hollywood film crew invasion this past winter for the shooting of Feed the Fish starring Tony Shalhoub of the television show Monk. Several of us involved in local theater were cast in small speaking roles and discovered they really do say, “Lights, Camera, Action!” We also learned that […]

  • Birds Park

    Bobby McCullough was a preschooler in 1954 when Birds Park came into his life, but he remembers very clearly driving north through Baileys Harbor in his family’s 1947 Buick, when his mother suddenly exclaimed, “Oh, my God, isn’t that wonderful!” The wonderful thing she’d sighted was a funny old concrete house, painted white and blue, […]

  • The Return of the Bald Eagle

    My initiation to wildlife in Door County, including both plants and animals, began in the summer of 1964. My friend and outstanding mentor, Miss Emma Toft, sadly informed me that the Bald Eagles no longer nested after the late 1950s at Toft Point near Baileys Harbor as they had for many years. Similar to what […]

  • Bea’s Ho-Made Products: Start With a Picnic Table and a Coffee Can

    If a story is good, it is worth telling over and over again. Such is the case with Bea’s Ho-Made Products. In 1962, Beatrice (Bea) and Bob Landin were raising their two daughters and working their Gills Rock farm. Their elder daughter, Linda, put a picnic table out by the roadside and sold some cherries […]

  • A New Twist at The Nautical Inn

    Sometimes putting a new twist on an old favorite works, and sometimes it doesn’t. Lucky for Door County residents and those who like to visit, Chef Andy’s Nautical Inn (referred to around town as “The New Nautical”) is a winner. Tucked into 234 Kentucky Street in downtown Sturgeon Bay, just a half block from the […]

  • Start with the Familiar

    When Chef Terri Milligan creates a new recipe, she begins by identifying a single item around which the entrée can evolve. As Terri explains, “I look at the item and simply ask, what goes well with this?” For example, cherries in season could inspire a new sauce for wild game. Freshly gathered morel mushrooms might […]

  • PGA Puts Finishing Touches on Remodeled Clubhouse

    A $200,000 clubhouse renovation highlights changes at the Peninsula State Park Golf Course for 2009. While the course itself traditionally receives the lion’s share of improvement dollars, this year’s clubhouse transformation represents the building’s first major upgrade in 20 years. One of the first things golfers will notice is the new stone entrance steps and […]

  • The Man Behind the Jacobsen Museum

    ens Jacobsen was only 14 when Washington Island became his new home in the summer of 1881. Born on Als Island in Denmark, his parents decided to move the family to America so that their children would not be forced to serve in the Prussian Army. Jens was bilingual in Danish and German when he […]

  • Ecotourism in Door County

    The mystique that Door County carries is difficult to define, but it gets inside you and doesn’t let go. It’s part winding, backcountry roads and haunting waters, part fieldstone rock walls and hazy morning light. Once people visit the county, like a boomerang, they return again and again, feeling that magical pull back to revisit […]

  • Door County’s Piano Man

    The week before Eli Mattson decided to audition for America’s Got Talent, he applied for a cashiering job at Family Video. He has always been interested in film, and besides, the advertisement said that they were hiring “friendly and talented people.” He didn’t get the job. “Maybe I should have been discouraged,” he says, but […]

  • Door County’s Other Accents

    “How are you?” It’s the most common of questions, and usually doesn’t elicit much thought before a response. “I’m fine, thanks,” is the standard, no-thought response, whether true or not. But for the 400 or so international students who come to Door County to work in its kitchens, dining rooms, and shopping aisles each summer, […]

  • World-Class Competition Sails Into Ephraim

    It isn’t a stretch to see why Door County is a huge attraction for sailors. Pristine waters and a constant supply of good winds keep salty dogs from all over the United States coming back year after year. One place these sailors gather is at the Ephraim Yacht Club (EYC) which is just coming off […]

  • An Inside Look

    Every summer there comes a chance for visitors and residents to get a tour of some of the finest homes and gardens in Door County. This inside peek allows all to share in beautiful architecture, interior design, scenic views and striking gardens that are hidden around the peninsula. This summer the Door County Memorial Hospital […]